8 Activities To Help Your Child Appreciate Nature

8 Outdoor Activities To Help Your Young Child Love Nature

1. Look for squirrel nests or bird nests. Recreate your own version by gathering fallen items. Ask your child their theory on why nests are built up in the trees. You just might find yourself having a food chain conversation!

2. Organize a nature scavenger hunt. Take an egg carton and colour code the bottom of each cup. Take the carton on a walk and try to find an item in nature representing each colour.

3. Adopt a stream or a park in your community. Visit it regularly to clean up the area and notice the seasonal changes.

4. Go on a shape hunt. There are many shapes to be found in nature. Encourage your child to collect as many fallen items they can find in 1o minutes. Sort them into piles according to their shape: round, triangular, and square.

5. Choose one tree to sketch in your neighbourhood. As each season changes, visit the tree to observe and draw the changes. Pick up a fallen leaf or branch to bring home for a nature table.

6. Plan a leaf race! Find different fallen leaves and hold them up high to see which one falls to the ground first. If you live by a stream, you can drop them in the stream and take guesses on which one will float away first.

7. Discover different textures in nature through rubbings. Fold a piece of paper into 6 squares and bring different coloured crayons. Place the paper on top of the object and rub over with the crayon. Trees, rocks, leaves, sticks,  and the ground as options.

8. Next time you’re heading out for a walk, grab a reusable bag and collect nature items to bring home. Use the gathered items to make pictures or try these adorable animals.


  • Jen @ Go Green says:

    Doing the rubs is a great idea! We love to go on scavenger hunts, camp, hike, collect rocks and look for birds.

  • info@green-talk.com says:

    Love the shape idea! Also adore adopting a stream. Great idea to get your kids outside and enjoying nature.

  • green4u says:

    Have the kids collect items that they can put on construction paper in the sun and make sun shadows. The sun will bleach the construction paper and leave the paper darker where the items were. My kids love doing this.