The Two Biggest Mistakes Moms Make When Going Green

Mistakes Moms Make When You Going Green.

I made tons of mistakes when first making the shift to greener living. I dove in, attempting to rectify each new discovery with immediate life changes.

I sat at a mommy group pretending to know why some moms were using olive oil rather than Johnson’s Baby Oil and forgoing the baby powder altogether. That night was the first of many adventures down the Google rabbit hole as I found myself faced with unpleasant truths about traditional baby products. I watched Food Inc., drastically changing what my family ate at my next grocery shop. I found myself standing in aisles, with my newborn strapped to my chest, looking up product’s SkinDeep rating. My to-buy list grew significantly, not great for a maternity leave budget, as did my anxiety about the items that were in our home.

I was a sleep deprived first time mom faced with a world full of environmental and health landmines. Every decision dripped with consequences and I needed immediate solutions for my peace of mind. Through sheer effort and research, I was able to make significant changes to our little family’s lives that year, but it was often overwhelming.

Since then, I’ve noticed common mistakes moms make when going green that contribute to overwhelm and eco-burnout. I created my Healthy Home Detox program to help moms manage their green living changes by focusing on high-impact changes. I’m sharing two common mistakes and giving you solutions to avoid falling victim to them!

Mistake #1: Toss out everything to create a blank slate

It can be awfully tempting to ditch all of baby’s products and toys along with your makeup but throwing things out doesn’t do any favours for our planet or your wallet.

Rather consider replacing each item as it runs out, giving yourself time to research a better choice using the ThinkDirty app or Skin Deep.

Of course, if you want to immediately discontinue using a product than find out if your city will accept personal care products as hazardous waste.  Another option is to contact the manufacturer and ask if they will take it back. If your products are brand new, you could connect with a local women’s shelter to see if they would accept the items for their clients. Deciding to give away products you know to be toxic is a personal choice.

Mistake #2: You sink into overwhelm

Admit it? You’ve been known to juggle it all, trying to do all the green things at once. See Mistake #1-getting rid of all your products! This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and giving up.

Instead of spending your energies focusing on all the changes you cannot make at this time, shift your mindset to celebrate what you are doing. Allow yourself to move in increments by using transitional products that are without some (or all) of the Toxic Ten ingredients and are readily available at your local supermarket or health food store (e.g., Nature’s Clean, Seventh Generation, Therawise, Green Beaver etc.).

How did you solve issues you encountered while making the shift to eco-friendly living?