Tweetable Tips To Detoxify The Classroom

10 Shareable Tips To Detoxify Your Child's Classroom

Each school year, children and teaching staff spend hours each day indoors. Share these ten tweetable tips with your twitter followers to spread the word about simple ways to detoxify the classroom learning environment.

10 Tips To Detoxify The Classroom

1. Declare your classroom a scent-free zone: no VOC producing perfumes or plug-in fragrances. Tweet this

2. Ask students to bring indoor shoes to keep outdoor toxins off the classroom carpet.  Tweet this

3. Foam mats may contain toxic ingredients. Swap them for natural rubber yoga mats.  Tweet this

4. Open windows daily to bring fresh air into the classroom. Tweet this

5. Keep Triclosan out of the classroom. Read product labels to avoid this toxic ingredient. Tweet this

6. Start a conversation with school staff about choosing nontoxic supplies.  Tweet this 

7. Choose dust-free sand and chalk for safer breathing. Tweet this

8. Improve the classroom air quality by adding kid-safe plants. Tweet this

9. Dust some odour absorbing baking soda onto your classroom carpet before it gets vacuumed. Tweet this

10. Ask questions before accepting second-hand toys. They make contain toxins like PVC or flame retardants. Tweet this

By the way, these tips are good practice for any indoor environment. Implement them at home or your workplace for healthier indoor air quality.


  • MeganW says:

    Great tips! I love the idea of the plants in every classroom but I have a brown thumb so I won’t be doing that one. Maybe I can talk some other garden-friendly parent into it! I am going to check into triclosan in the classroom though. I make sure I don’t use it at home but I never really thought about checking the school.

    • Starting with triclosan is a great idea! Many schools use it in lieu of proper hand washing because of access to sinks as well as for when kids blow their noses etc. Cold and flu season is starting so this is the perfect time for a little education! Let us know if you speak to your school and what they say!

  • Meg says:

    I was really surprised when the school was promoting plastic tupperware from the dollar store at their orientation day. There are so many environmentally friendly alternatives. School administers really need to be educated, as well as parents.

    • Sometimes I find myself shocked as well! It just takes a few parents to speak up and bring attention to these topics! We’ll be sharing green fundraising ideas soon so maybe that will be a good conversation starter?! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Great tips and I love that you made them easy to tweet!

  • Plants in the classroom is a great idea, especially if the kids get to learn to look after them.

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