DIY Green Gifts Don’t Make You Cheap!

DIY Christmas Gifts

Do-It-Yourself Green Gifts

Even though I’m totally on the environmentally friendly gift train, I admit to struggling with the idea of gifting people items I have made myself. Part of this insecurity stems from the fact that I’m just not a crafty gal but I also have secretly feared that do-it-yourself gifting would make me look cheap!

Last week’s #GreenMom twitter chat eased my mind as some of my favourite urban eco-moms shared their views about DIY gift giving. Their enthusiasm for giving and receiving handmade gifts reminded me that DIY has it’s own special value: the gift of time and love.



We crowdsourced ideas for make-it-yourself gifts for everyone on your list from children, men, friends, teachers, and colleagues. I left the chat with a list of doable DIYs and the determination to see them through. My plan is to bring a handmade Christmas to my home this year and gift everyone on my list at least one homemade item.

These are some of the DIY green gifts that I plan to attempt for the holidays! If you’re on twitter, give #GreenMom a scroll back to November 25th, and you’ll find many suggestions amongst the tweets.

One of my favourite DIY green gift ideas from the #GreenMom chat was from our ND contributor.

I’ve actually bought the predesigned house cardboard boxes for my boys. But why not draw homes and stores on our own boxes? A cheap, cheerful way to extend the life of some cardboard and personalize the play.

And if you are anything like me and feel a bit out of your league when it comes to crafting then keep Laurie’s sage advice in mind and head out to the holiday markets or look on ETSY to choose DIY gifts from the talented entrepreneurs there.


Simple DIY gift ideas are always appreciated! Please leave yours in the comments below.


  • Hi Sara,
    As I was making my homemade granola this morning, I thought to myself “this would make a nice gift for Christmas”. Just put it in a nice jar with some raffia and a little card with the recipe. I am not super crafty, but sometimes just a simple food item would be appreciated.

  • Every year, I start thinking in October about my holiday gift/baking ideas. I put together a collection, package it up nicely, and proudly give to my friends and neighbours as gifts over the holidays. I am not crafty, nor do I have time to make anything elaborate, but I can bake. People love it. Don’t ever feel like you are cheaping out….the time and love that you put into making your gifts will be obvious. If Martha Stewart can give homemade gifts, then so can we!!

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