3 Reasons LNBF Makes The Best Eco-Clothes For Moms

Eco-fashion: LNBF Balance Top

 Balance top (Orchid) My new go-to top

For a busy mom, the last thing you have time to do is fight with your closet every morning to figure out what to wear. It’s important to have pieces that you feel comfortable in, make you feel good about yourself and work hard (just like you do). It’s also important to ensure you are comfortable when making your clothing purchases from an ecological perspective. I recently had the pleasure of trying out a few pieces from Leave Nothing But Footprints: a Toronto-based clothing retailer with a mission to “… minimize the impact fashion has on our environment.” 

Top 3 reasons Leave Nothing But Footprints makes the best eco-clothes for moms

Reason One: Versatility. Hard working clothing that can change personality is a priority for me. I’ve worn the Balance Top with my pajama bottoms to watch T.V., as a cover up to my workout clothes and as a cozy fall sweater with jeans. That’s the holy grail of clothing versatility as far as I’m concerned!

The Lola Belted Dress can be worn as a dress with or without tights and makes an amazing tunic with jeans or dress pants. The cuts are really forgiving as well. If you are about to have a baby, just had a baby, or are still trying to work off last weekend’s Thanksgiving dinner, then these pieces will work really well for you. With this type of versatility, you can be confident that are going to have some great wardrobe options that will get you through all of the phases of mommyhood.

Lola Belted Dress: Eco-Fashion For Moms

Lola Belted Dress: I’m too tall to wear this as a dress, but I loved it as a tunic. It comes with an amazing stretchy belt as well.

Reason Two: Eco-Conscious Fabrics. Most of the pieces are made of a viscose blend using bamboo as the primary material. Bamboo is a great choice as a material source since it’s fast growing and has the added benefit of growing without irrigation and chemical inputs, is biodegradable and has a significantly higher yield rate versus traditional fibres like cotton. Most importantly, the bamboo fibre in LNBF clothing carries The Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) certification and is manufactured in mills that apply a “closed-loop” process to ensure that by-products are re-used.

The LNBF team also incorporates fabric blends made of organic cotton, tencel (wood pulp fibre) and modal (cellulose fibre) in some of their pieces. All fabrics are also purchased from Oeko-Tex 100 certified fabric suppliers which ensures that the fabrics do not contain harmful substances such as carcinogenic colourants, formaldehyde, heavy metals, pesticides and allergic dyes. The added bonus is that these pieces are super soft and great for snuggles.

Reason Three: Quality. I’ve only had these pieces for 1 month, but I’ve worn them enough times to know that they are going to hold up.

Full disclosure: You still need to treat these garments with a little respect (as you should do with all of your clothing). It’s best to follow the recommended laundering instructions, which includes hand washing or using a gentle wash cycle and staying away from the heat of the dryer. The result is longer lasting clothing and less consumption of water and energy sources for laundering.

Eco-fashion for Moms: Leave Nothing But Footprints Tights

Annabelle Leggings Getting outside of my comfort zone with some faux leather paneled leggings.

What else should you know about LNBF?

On-line vs. Brick and Mortar shopping. While shopping on-line means you can’t try the clothing on before making your purchase, there are enough photos and detailed sizing information to help you determine which pieces will work best for you. I admittedly failed to check the sizing chart for the Annabelle leggings and they are little too big…but that’s my own fault. There is a two-week return/exchange policy in case you need to use it. There are also a good number of boutiques across both Canada and the United States that carry LNBF too, so you may have the option to try on their pieces in advance.

On-trend. The pieces are comfy, cozy and on-trend. The colours are vibrant and I guarantee that someone will stop you to ask: “Where did you get that?” And best of all, the clothing looks great on all body types.

Giving back. The LNBF Earth Award is an annual grant that recognizes women making contributions to green or community based initiatives. You can learn more about past recipients and other LNBF outreach initiatives.

Disclosure: I received my choice of three pieces from LNBF’s fall collection to review. All opinions are my own.