Eco-friendly School Fundraising Event Ideas

School Fundraising Event Ideas

If you’re involved with your child’s school council, how about proposing a deviation from generating school funds through affiliate sales to an eco-friendly fundraiser that will up the school’s green cred by creating environmental activists?!

Green fundraising activities are perfect for involving children in the entire fundraising process; helping them build a connection to the cause rather than the usual passive act of collecting money. Utilize the resources, both people power, and local products, within your school’s community to plan an event that will raise funds and do good for the planet!

Four School Fundraising Event Ideas


Students collect pledges to clean up a park or community area around the school. Pledges could reflect how much garage the student picks up or how many bags of garbage they collect. Divide students into clean teams to pick up compost waste, recyclable items, and regular garbage. Many adults will be needed to supervise students, be on the look out for hazardous waste and heavy bags. Consider weighing the bags at the end of the event to learn how much waste was collected. Call a local newspaper for photo opportunities!


  • Confirm if permits are needed to clean the selected area
  • Pledge sheets
  • Garbage bags (smaller ones for smaller people)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Garbage sticks or grabbers.

School Garage Sale

Put up a giant tent in the schoolyard or take over the gym on a Saturday and sell off unneeded items from students, staff, and families. This is a great way to swap clothes throughout the school’s families. The planning committee will require lots of lead time and space to set this up. Expect at least two weeks to collect items in a basement area of the school. Work with older students to sort items into sections so that on the big day, volunteers can create a “store” in the selling area e.g., clothing, toys, books, etc. Read up on Health Canada’s for garage sale tips including how to avoid collecting items that cannot be resold.


  • A float of small bills and coins
  • Tables, chairs, and clothing racks with hangers
  • Space
  • Make arrangements to take the left over items somewhere after the sale (and a book a vehicle)

Plant Sale

This fundraiser could be as easy as connecting with a local grower to re-sell plants or having families bring in their extra plants to sell. I suggest you rally the school community to think bigger by selling plants that the students have grown from seed themselves! Classrooms can be set up with shelves and grow lights or use FoodShare’s resource to put the school garden to work!


  • Seeds
  • Pots and trays
  • Soil
  • Grow lights
  • Shelves
  • Space

Family Skills Day

Take over the school on a weekend and offer hands-on eco-friendly classes for students and parents to take together. Enlist parents, students or local artisans to share their D.I.Y talents. Cooking, make-your-own body care products, 3D printing, upcycled eco-fashion, urban gardening…really the sky’s the limit when thinking up what classes could be on offer. Plan to cover the supplies needed for each class; people always want to be able to take something home with them.


  • Teachers
  • Space
  • Fun classes that everyone will want to take

Now it’s your turn! What are some eco-friendly school fundraising event ideas have seen schools successfully plan?


  • Sara Vartanian says:

    I love how these fundraising ideas are actionable! It’s nice to have the opportunity to involve kids in the process rather than reaching in their pockets for some change! I will definitely share these ideas at my school.

    • Jennifer says:

      I am really happy with the fact that they are attainable fundraisers for any school, not all schools have communities that can support their fundraising with buying. I love how the school can give back to the community with all these also.

  • Used Clothing Drive says:

    Host a Used Clothing Drive! Nothing to Buy. Nothing to Sell. No Money to Collect.

    Students collect used clothing and household goods that people in their community no longer want or need! Kids learn about the benefits of textile recycling, the importance of reusuing and recycling, while diverting waste from landfills and they can feel good about reducing their carbon footprint! It’s an environmentally conscious, guilt-free fundraiser – and so easy to organize!