Green Beauty Event

DItch the toxic beauty products. Let's turn October green this year!

October is coming, and with it follows the pink ribbon campaign to raise money and awareness about breast cancer. Many of the companies who sell pink coloured gear during October manufacture products that contain toxins linked to breast cancer. Like many of you, breast cancer has touched my family many times over, and I am passionate about raising awareness on ways we can reduce our risks.

Let’s Help Women Go Green With Their Beauty Routines

Once again, Green Moms Collective wants to help women clean up their beauty routines. We aim to raise awareness and help women take control over the products they put on their skin and ultimately into their bodies. We’ll be teaching them how to perform a simple beauty audit, understand the toxin ten ingredients to avoid, and connect them with great Canadian brands to choose safer alternatives.

Join Our 2nd #GreenMom Eco-Beauty Campaign

This year is going to be amazing. 4 streams/4 weeks: 1 Instagram loop, 1 #GMCBeauty twitter party, 1 blog post, and 1 FB buzz. Add in advertising space, blog posts on other bloggers sites* and lots of social media love. We may even get really adventurous and play on Periscope!

Week One: Introduction of Event on Green Moms Collective, + dedicated blog posts for some sponsors
Week Two: FB buzz posts+continued dedicated blog posts
Week Three: Instagram Loop Giveaway: Tues, Oct 20th-Fri, Oct 23rd. with help from @lifeinblush
Week Four: Twitter Party: Thurs, Oct 29th. 9 pm -10 pm EST #GMCBeauty

Participation in this event is by invitation only. You were invited because your company creates or sells products that are free from the toxic ten ingredients and we’d love to have you join us!

Each Sponsor Will Receive:

  • Introduction in a blog post about the Green Your Beauty series with a link on THREE websites including Green Moms Collective
  • Social media mentions by Green Moms Collective and engagement bloggers
  • One prize entry on Rafflecopter for twitter party (if participating)
  • Option to provide coupon codes
  • Graphics and tweets to share!

Package A: $100 and 1 prize (minimum prize value of $25): This package includes all the above and participation in EITHER the Instagram Loop Giveaway OR the Twitter Party.

Package B: $300 and 2 prizes (minimum prize value of $25): This package includes all the above PLUS a dedicated blog post with a theme relevant to your company/products on Green Moms Collective, 1 month of 125×125 advertising, AND participation in both the Twitter Party AND Instagram Loop giveaway.

Package C: $450 and 2 prizes (minimum prize value of $25): This package includes all the above PLUS a dedicated blog post with a theme relevant to your company/products on Green Moms Collective AND our two engagement blogger sites (that’s 3 dedicated blog posts). Also included are 125×125 advertising until the end of 2015 AND participation in both the Twitter Party AND Instagram Loop giveaway. This package has the most value and reach. You get TWO more brand dedicated posts on 2 other blogger websites. Great for furthering your brand awareness. (This alone has a minimum value of $300)

Reserve Your Place

If you’re eager to participate (and we hope you are), please email Sara at info(at)greenmomscollective(dot)ca with the package you would like, as well as your prizing information, and a logo. You’ll receive dates and more details upon registration! Don’t hesitate to be in touch with any questions!

Only 12 1 spot is available. We’re pleased to welcome Cocoon Apothecary, Pure+Simple, Lovefresh, Stark Skincare, Petal and Post, Clinical Luxury, Ella’s Botanicals, Les Coconuts, Clementine Fields, Province Apothecary, and more to this event. 

Want More Details About Us?

Our most recent twitter party in September 2015 reached 513k accounts and made 4.1 million impressions. Read some of our testimonials here.

*The other bloggers supporting this event are @TheBigToDoList @MamanLoupsDen @HENFamily and @MamaAsh77