Green Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Green Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Looking for some green fundraising opportunities to replace magazine drives and silent auctions? Here are three companies that offer very competitive eco-friendly fundraising.


Pick a waste item (called a brigade) to collect and mail it off to TerraCycle where they turn it into a new product. The interesting thing is that anyone can collect for free: individuals, organizations, charities, households or schools. For every accepted item of waste, your school sends in you will receive points towards items or money for the school. You can run it throughout the school year or for a short period of time.  TerraCycle’s website is really handy for learning everything you need to know about setting up a program at your school.

Emily Press Labels

Every parent knows you have to label every single item your child takes to school so that at the end of the year you can claim it back!  The interesting green thing about Emily Press Labels is they offer reusable labels (think school and then camp) and write your own labels. Schools can run campaigns at any point throughout the year and they will send offline catalogues also. Open to Canada and United States.

Four Green Fundraising Ideas


Strawesome makes reusable kid-friendly glass straws! Campaigns run online with a coupon code. Help is available from the start of the campaign to the finish and once you get over $300 in sales you can follow along online!  Strawesome ships worldwide.

Do you have any green fundraising ideas for schools? Tell us so we can add them to our list!