Coding For Kids: How Hatch Is Showing Us The Bright Side Of Screen Time

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Sometimes it feels like all we hear is that screen time is bad for our kids, but we know that the issue with screens is the content consumed rather than the device itself.


That’s why we can’t get enough of Hatch, a coding program that teaches kids how to  code, build and create amazing things that change the way the world works-all from a screen. Now, that doesn’t sound bad at all.


Here are five reasons we know you’ll love Hatch’s coding classes for kids, too. 🖥


1. Kids learn to code like nobody’s watching

We all know, you’re much more likely to stick with a something if you enjoy it. Student-centered, self-paced, and mastery-based learning are the core values behind all Hatch’s coding classes. They’ve found the sweet spot between support and self-discovery.

2. Kids learn to “talk computer”

Coding is such a critical part of 21st-century learning; it’s the ‘new literacy.’ Hatch’s coding classes are in JavaScript-real lines of code. Kids come out with a real, tangible skill from their screen time. These coding classes just might spark their interest in STEM careers or be the start of their future side hustles.

3. Kids coding classes foster the entrepreneurial mindset

Coding is the command between two things to make an action occur. Hatch’s coding programs cultivate kids’ entrepreneurial skills from an early age. They learn to investigate, think critically, fail forward and turn an idea into reality.

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4. Coding helps kids understand the world

Our kids are growing up in an age ubiquitous to screen time. Coding teaches them to be creators of technology rather than passive consumers. The actions behind their favourite apps no longer seem magical, they become logical

5. Most importantly, kids love their coding programs

What do kids want out of their screen time? They want it to be fun and Hatch’s coding classes for kids delivers that in spades. Their coding programs appeal to themes they love like Art, Minecraft, Pokemon and more. With over 350 projects, there is a something to suit all interests and skill levels.

Do you want to send your kid to one of Hatch’s summer coding camps?

Good news! Hatch is giving away a one week, half-day camp and you could send your kid for one of the last few weeks of summer. The camps are at one of three Hatch locations in Toronto, Richmond Hill, or Oakville.

They’ve also giving Green Moms Collective readers $50 off until August 25th, with discount code: greenmoms 

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This post is sponsored by Hatch, as always, all opinion are Green Moms Collective’s.  










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  • Jennifer says:

    Coding is such an important skill for kids to learn…as which summer camp my daughter would love it’s right there in the coding camp description art, Minecraft and Pokemon are the big three loves right now! Thank you GreenMoms for reminding us that sometimes our littles might be drawn more to a screen then other things and we need to learn to accept and support.