How To Make Your Own Reusable Holiday Crackers

DIY Reusable Christmas Crackers

While I have not officially researched this, I am convinced that holiday crackers were created to keep kids at the table longer during fancy holiday meals and to wake up adults that may have dozed off while eating too much! Crackers are a big part of the holiday waste around our house so it was fun to green them up and hopefully keep the kids will at the table just a little bit longer.

Reusable Holiday Crackers Tutorial

Items needed for crackers:

  • Paper Tube (I used recycled toilet paper tubes)
  • Fabric cut into 11”x9” rectangles
  • Ribbon cut into 12” lengths
  • Glue Gun
  • Felt
  • Elastic

I cut the fabric into 11”x9” rectangles only so that I could get 4 crackers out of a fat quarter (precuts of fabric you will find at the fabric store or craft store). I cut my rectangles with pinking shears so that they would have a little fancier edge. This is totally optional because you probably won’t be washing the fabric you don’t need to worry about major fraying if you cut with regular scissors.

Centre paper tube on one side of the long edge of the rectangle.

Reusable Holiday Crackers craft

Roll fabric and tube and glue the outside edge when all rolled up. Take two lengths of ribbon and tie one end. Leave one end open to put presents in!

DIY Christmas Crackers

The consensus around our house was that crackers could really have whatever we could fit inside them in them like candies, lip balm, small gadgets, mini books or toys. But, they most definitely needed a crown and a joke. I found some fun kid friendly jokes online at Nurture Store and a felt crown pattern at Hellobee.

Reusable Crowns for Holiday Crackers

I wanted the crowns to be reusable for kids and adults so I changed up the pattern a little bit by using the two pattern pieces to cut one continuous crown and then glued about 1.5” of elastic on the two edges to create the finished crown.

Want your reusable Christmas crackers to really “pop”? You can pick up the snapper parts in the craft store, I just did not add them as then a bit of waste is created and the tubes were not really reusable-I tested it out!