Not So Urban, Anymore

Not so urban, anymore

Green living is more than just buying less and buying better. It’s more than the food we eat, or how we dispose of our waste. Since becoming more conscientious of my everyday choices, I’ve slowly unraveled the secret of being green.

It’s about being more connected to what matters.

Which is why I’ve bought a log cabin home. On a lake. Deciding to sell our gorgeous home in the city wasn’t simple. Neither was choosing to move three hours away from the city I love.

Why I Swapped The City For The Country

As my family and I have removed the unnecessary from our lives, making more thoughtful choices about what we consume and how we spend our time, the more clearly we’ve been able to see what is important to us and what we need.

For us, we wondered how to give the boys more nature. We wanted to know how it felt to be less stressed and more present. We wanted the freedom to try and live somewhere else. I wanted to pursue this blog.

Why I Swapped The City For The Country

The space to think, and sleep, and kiss, and play.

And I’ve always been more me being close to the water.

Originally, we planned to go to B.C., but we needed to stay here in Ontario. After battling breast cancer for more than 10 years, my mother received a terminal diagnosis. The invisible thread that ties me to my mom pulled persistently. I wanted to be there for her last breath as she was there for my first. I also needed to be close to my dad and siblings. There’s that connected to what matters thing again. Pursuing a green lifestyle has made me more open to hearing the call.

How long will we stay here? For now. For always?

In the meantime, I’ll hope you’ll join me as we restore and renovate our smaller, new-to-us log home. And while I get accustomed to the very real sound of silence.