Explore Ontario’s Greenbelt

Exploring Ontario's Greenbelt

I have country living dreams that my city heart can’t quite reconcile. Streetlights, the buzz of traffic, and lots of people, feel like home yet I often long for the quietness of the forest and stillness of a lake. Many of my happiest city days are spent meandering through the Toronto ravines, gently overturning rocks, picking up sticks, and listening for wildlife with my two small sons in tow.

Green Space For City Kids

Not long ago, Toronto City Council voted to protect our city’s watersheds, the Don and Humber Rivers, and Etobicoke Creek, by beginning the process of formally adding them to Ontario’s Greenbelt. It can be a struggle to keep our city kids connected to nature, with all the concrete and development, many parents worry about their children getting enough quality outdoor play. By protecting Toronto’s urban river valleys, families who take their children to enjoy the ravines can feel secure knowing that the price of raising kids in the city doesn’t include giving up fabulous green space.

Greenbelt sign close up courtesy of Friends of the Greenbelt

courtesy of Friends of the Greenbelt

Exploring Ontario’s Greenbelt

With increasing urban sprawl from ever-so-hungry developers, the traffic both in and out of the Toronto core might make some city dwellers cringe, Ontario’s Greenbelt is easily accessible by car or transit with over 380 Greenbelt road and trail signs to help guide you! My family loves pick-your-own farms but with almost 2 million acres of land protected by the Greenbelt, there are so many reasons to explore what is on offer from an abundance of waterfalls, to the waterways perfect for canoeing, and Niagara region wine! Learn more about why the Greenbelt is worth protecting.

Improving Children’s Food Literacy

I’m passionate about growing children’s food literacy by increasing their farm-to-table knowledge. It’s another reason why I’m grateful for Ontario’s Greenbelt. Our family spends the summer rotating from park to park, buying most of our food from one of farmer’s markets that we can find every day of the week. My city-raised children love getting to choose their fruits and getting passed a yellow bean to munch on. Check out my 13 ideas for how choosing local food can build your child’s food literacy.