Upgrading Your Bathroom Alone Time

Upgrading your bathroom alone time with organic towels

I spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

It’s no secret that I’m a green beauty lover, so sometimes time in the bathroom is for face masks, moisturizing routines, or for a long hot bath. Sometimes, I lock the door behind me just to take a few deep breaths to reboot my patience levels and store of smiles.

I know I’m not the only one.

There’s a reason there are so many memes and jokes on the internet about moms wanting to “just pee alone”.  Our children like to go wherever we go but the bathroom is usually the last place we can reasonably demand to be alone. Time in the bathroom equals time for ourselves.

The first 6 months after my babies were born, the time I spent in my bathroom on Sunday afternoons was how I recharged for the week ahead when my husband returned to work and it was mommy time, all the time.

Whatever the reason for a visit to the bathroom, it’s an intimate place where we take care of our most personal needs. That’s why turning it into a zen-like space is important! Minimal clutter, calming colours, and even clean beauty products are part of the standard but what about your towel situation?

For the longest time, my bathroom was the perfect place to pamper myself with the exception of my towels, which were mismatched, faded, and truthfully a little bit raggedy. Some of them were ones my mom gave me when I moved out 13 years ago. They certainly didn’t reflect the ongoing effort I’d made in my family’s lives to upgrade the items we use most often with beautiful, organic products.

Why organic towels will upgrade your alone time

Now that I’ve switched out our towels for organic towels with that thick, soft terry feel, spending time in my bathroom has been even better.

Dream Designs is having a sale on their organic cotton towels from February 15th-March 15th, 2016. Using the code, Rejuvenate, you will get 20% off their colours. And if Navy or Violet match your vibe, you’ll also receive another 20% rebate in credit if you choose those colours.

Organic towels for bathroom upgrade

It’s the perfect time to pamper yourself with their luxury organic cotton, Oeko-Tek certified, towels! Their range of  beautiful colours will accent any bathroom decor and upgrade your alone time.