5 Reasons You’ll Love A Staycation

reasons to love a staycation

My family loves jet-setting. It’s exciting to get up before the sun rises to drive to the airport and watch as your plane rolls up to the gate. The excitement of the plane ride alone is often as great as the trip itself for my kids.

But, let’s face it: air travel ain’t cheap. Unless you snag a fantastic all-inclusive deal, there can be huge costs involved when you factor in flights to get to and from your destination.

Enter the staycation—and eliminate the flights altogether. But in addition to saving the airfare, a staycation may also be the right choice for you.

5 Reasons To Try A Staycation

  1. You don’t have to take time off work if you don’t want to. A staycation can be as little as an overnight getaway; and since most people work five days a week, you can fit this in without taking any vacation days.
  2. It can be near or far. You may live in the suburbs and simply staycation in your nearest urban centre, or turn it into a road trip and go farther.
  3. There are no rules. You’re not on a cruise ship, racing to beat the clock at the port or in another country bound to a single beach for a week. You create your own itinerary, so if you have some flexibility with your time and budget, make it up as you go.
  4. Depending on your plans and how long you’re away, staycations can be economical if you’re careful while making memories. (If you’re splurging, though, expect to spend the same or more than a “regular” vacation.) Camping and accommodations that have kitchen facilities offer the most savings.
  5. You’ll introduce your kids to their own backyard. Canada, that is. Many of us — myself included — have seen more of the world-at-large than our own country. Let’s explore our vast, beautiful Canada, keeping our dollars here at home and supporting our own tourism efforts.

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Regardless of where you go, remember what matters most: spending quality time with the people you love most in the world.