Road trip! Better gear for greener travel!


Eco-friendly MUST HAVE road trip gear for kids under 5

In a few weeks, spring will come busting onto the horizon and the season of road trips will begin. Lots of families will celebrate spring break with drives down south, ski holidays, or a visit to the grandparents. Road tripping often brings to mind an accumulating pile of disposable items and junky treats. Just look in the backseat upon arrival and you’re likely to see wrappings scattered on the floor. It can all be avoided, trust me, with the help of a few items that will help you have a better, more eco-friendly road-trip.

 A divided snack tray

I use a variety of divided reusable snack containers for school lunches and think they’re the perfect road-trip snack container. I recommend using one with multiple spaces so you can pack some fruits, veggies, protein, and a tiny sweet treat (it’s a road trip after all) to keep bellies satisfied. Don’t forgot to bring along your favourite reusable water container for easy refilling on the road.

Non-toxic sunscreen

Even in the car, your child (and you) needs to be protected from sun exposure. I like the Matter Substance Baby Sun Stick which is perfect for smaller patches of skin. Another option is the Goddess Garden Sunscreen which is certified organic and easy to apply all-over.

A child-sized backpack

Giving my boys each a non-toxic backpack to bring on road trips and travel has been a stroke of brilliance. In it goes their snack container, water bottle, a small blanket, and the toys they choose to bring. The backpack can lean right up against their car seats so they’re accessible on their own which saves me from awkward maneuvers to try to reach dropped toys or bottles. By carrying their own travel backpack,  children are also responsible for taking care of some of the gear that goes along with vacations.

Green road trip gear for kids under 5

A reusable bib

You’ve got to preserve the state of your little one’s clothing on any trip as who knows when or if laundry will happen. The best way to keep clean is by bringing along one or two non-toxic, reusable bibs. Wash them out each night in the sink and let them air dry for the next day. Now if only, it was socially acceptable for me to wear one of these too, I might have a better chance of keeping my white t-shirts clean.

Hand and surface cleaner

I keep a bottle of Grayon’s Germs Away Mist on my desk and in my bag. I just can’t get enough of this safe alternative to hand sanitizer which smells fantastic. Bring this on your trip for cleaning your children’s hands in the car before and after eating and wiping down sticky surfaces. You’ll be hooked!

Even if you’re not planning a road trip anytime soon, keep these five items in mind for the next time you travel with young children. Sign up for terra20’s Clean Start savings program for parents of children 0-5, it’s free, to purchase green travel gear and more. They have a few bonuses that will help your wallet, too!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by terra20. As a mom to two boys, 5 and 3, I use their CleanStart program myself! All opinions are my own.


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