Reusable Halloween Banner Tutorial

Make Your Own Simple Reusable Halloween Banner

Looking to add some green Halloween decor to your home this year? This reusable Halloween banner can be put together in less then an hour with help from the kids (and it is not messy!)

Halloween Banner supplies

Supplies needed:

  • Felt (eco-felt or wool)
  • Twine (yarn, string or ribbon)
  • Scissors
  • Pattern Pieces (pumpkin, ghost, bat)-I found mine here

Trace pattern pieces onto felt. On a 9”x12” piece of felt I was able to cut out the 6 pieces needed for each shape on one piece. Cut out pieces.

Halloween Banner Pattern

Cut two small holes in the pieces with the tip of the scissors (to feed twine through).

Halloween banner pieces

Decide the length of your twine (I went with 10’). Cover one end of twine with sticky tape (this will make it easier for the kids). Lace pieces along twine in pattern of your choice.

How to lace a simple Halloween banner

Add a finishing knot to both ends of twine. Hang up and enjoy!


My very crafty daughter decided the items needed faces and used glow in the dark fabric paint to add eyes and mouths to all the pumpkins, ghosts, and bats. It does not glow for too long if you are hanging this in a bedroom and don’t want to be scared in the night by glowing eyes!

reusable halloween banner tutorial

No time to pick up some felt? Try using some cardboard from the recycling box and have the kids colour the pieces.

Not so crafty? You can find reusable Halloween banners online at Etsy or from Green Planet Parties, I have one from them!