5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Healthy During Cold And Flu Season

cold and flu season

If your home is like mine, the cold and flu season has already made an appearance. With two kids in school, we’ve seen our fair share of runny noses and coughs.

We’re washing hands often with regular soap, teaching the cough into the crook of your arm trick, and serving up a healthy diet full of whole foods to boost our immune systems. But, how else can we best prepare for cold and flu season by minimizing its impact on our family?

5 Ways To Stay Healthy

These are the five things I’m committed to doing this winter to keep my family healthy.


Okay, so I don’t actually recommend that you keep garlic in your bathroom but eating more fresh garlic is a good step towards boosting your immune system.

Our nutritionist, Arja Pennanen Lytle, tells us that garlic contains allicin which is released when you crush or chop fresh garlic. This phytochemical is known to be effective for combatting colds and flu. Get chopping and be liberal with the garlic this season.

A new pillow

Children require over 11 hours of sleep a day to support their mental and physical development. We, adults, need adequate rest to keep our immune system in fighting order too.

With the whole family spending many hours with our faces pressed against our bedding, our sleep expert, Rebecca Earl, suggests you replace your pillow regularly. A pillow accumulates mould, dead skin and dust mites which can bother your breathing leading to night wakings. Yuck.

Get outside with good outdoor gear

Okay, the polar vortex is here, and our homebody tendencies have kicked in but do your immune system a favour.

Ignore it, dress in proper gear, and get outside.

Daily outdoor activity not only builds your child’s physical literacy it leads to better sleep, improves moods, and reduces stress for the whole family.

ways to stay healthy during cold and flu season

Pick up a hygrometer

This handy household tool reads the humidity levels in each room of your house, keeping your home healthy in winter.

Too much humidity may mean you have a moisture problem on your hands leading to mould and health issues. Too little humidity can make for some dry lips and sinuses. A hydrometer helps you keep tabs on your home’s humidity levels.

Opening windows and running a fan to outside while cooking or showering also helps to circulate fresh air and reduce humid indoor air.

Cold and cough supplies

Getting sick is no fun but having medicines on hand make it less stressful. There is not much worse than dragging an ill child (or you) to the store to pick up supplies in the throes of a fever.

Boiron Canada makes cough, cold, and flu homeopathic medicines that your entire family can use all through cold and flu season. It’s widely available over the counter at many grocery stores and drug stores.

Homeopathy is considered a natural form of medicine because it works with the body but supporting and stimulating the immune system. We’ve already stocked up on Stodal for coughs and Oscillococcinum to reduce the length of flu symptoms. I like how Boiron’s cough, cold, and flu products are non-drowsy!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Boiron. As always, I only partner with companies that I would use with my own family. Always see your doctor if your illness symptoms don’t start to improve after 48 hours.