Do You Want To Create A Greener Home For Your Family?

Creating a green home

For months after the birth of my oldest son, I had felt twisted inside, like I was viewing the world for the first time. I wondered if I was the only mom who didn’t know about organic mattresses, phthalates in baby products, and that olive oil could be used as massage oil. How had I missed this information?

Like many of you, I thought baby items were supposed to be truly safe and was incensed that companies were allowed to sell products that had toxins in them. I’d find myself taking forever to choose simple household items like soap and shampoo, standing in aisles staring at the ingredients wondering what kind of scary toxins were inside.

A few years later I decided to formally pursue eco-consulting and trained to become an International Maternity Institute certified Eco-Consultant and Greenproofer. I wanted to help other new moms avoid the stress and financial mistakes I had made and feel good that their home was a safe haven. No one should feel that the items they’ve so lovingly chosen for their families are unhealthy.

That’s why I created the Green Home Detox Workbook.  It’s 22 pages of information, worksheets, and activities designed to help moms prepare a greener home for their children and it’s FREE! I don’t want the price to ever be a barrier in making effective, simple changes for a healthier, more eco-friendly home

Why would I need to detox my home?

We spend over 90% of our time indoors and indoor air quality can be worse than the outdoors. Pound for pound, children eat more food, consume more liquid, and breathe more air than adults. Their organs and respiratory, immune, and neurological systems are still developing making children more susceptible to the negative effects of poor indoor air quality and chemical exposure.

How do I know if the greenproofing workbook is for me?

  • You value your time and your family’s wellbeing; you how to identify high-impact change areas in your home and life
  • You’re tired of questioning your decisions; you want to learn to trust that you are choosing healthy, green products
  • You’re committed to changing your habits but you’re not sure where to start. You know there must be effective solutions that don’t require making all your own products or tossing out all your gear


Healthy Home Workbook: Free resource for moms

So, tell me what I’d be doing?

WEEK ONE: A home wellness check-in investigating the current eco-health of your home with an emphasis on baby’s sleep space and the family room. By becoming aware of both your feelings and the realities of your home you’ll gather be able to visually target your needs and priorities.

WEEK TWO: Detailed monitoring of your time and exposure to products and spaces within your home. Getting clear on your habits will help determine how exposure to toxicants is occurring in your home and get you focused on how it can be prevented.

WEEK THREE: Boost the green quotient of your home by performing a cleaning and personal product audit. By playing eco-investigator you’ll learn which products to keep using with confidence and which ones should go on your to be replaced list.

WEEK FOUR: Create a green living action plan to get clear on your top 10 high-impact changes. Using the information gathered over the previous three weeks, this process helps you align your actions and your finances to focus on shifts that will make the most difference in your current lifestyle.

sample content from Green Moms Collective greenproofing program

If you’re interested in making purposeful shifts that make sense for your family than my greenproofing workbook may be perfect for you!

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To Make Sustainable Lifestyle Changes, You Need A Plan.
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  • hannimation says:


    As I was doing all the research for what to get to take care of the little one in my belly, I came across a “green” child-preparedness book (I can’t remember the name…). I read it and it opened my eyes (okay, even terrified me a little bit) to what was in the mattresses we lay our bodies on for many hours of the day, so what I clean the floors with that my little one would crawl and lick all over, and more. Actually, so much more that after selecting a “safe” mattress and bedding, and switching detergents and opting for cloth diapers, I kind of gave up. It’s a lot to take in.
    Lately I’ve really been considering how I can improve on our environment for our little love. This will undoubtedly help! Here comes the New Year soon, and it seems like a perfect time to do a one-month home-health cleanse.

    Again, THANK YOU!

  • Sara Vartanian says:

    Thanks, Hannah!!! Your message made my day! It is quite terrifying isn’t it! The changes take time and you can only do what you can do. It sounds like you made some great choices. I always focus on the items/habits where we spend most of our time…like the bedding, diapers, and skin creams. When you try the workbook please let me know if you have any feedback or questions!