4 Ways to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Disposable Diapers

disposable diaper impacts

Disposable diapers come with a lot of plastic baggage and sit in landfills for years and years. With Canadians throwing away an estimated 4 million diapers a day, that makes for a whole lot of dirty trash.

Green moms can and do use disposable diapers; you don’t need to cloth diaper your baby or practice elimination communication to consider yourself eco-friendly.

Simple Ways To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Disposable Diapers

How can an earth loving, disposable using mama reduce the environmental impact of her little one’s diapers?

1. Put poop in it’s place:

With disposable diapers, the mess is often wrapped up into the diaper and tossed. These dirty diapers end up in our landfill where they leach into our soils and water. Make sure the poop goes into the toilet, not the trash.

2. Terracycle your diaper packaging:

Terracycle is a company that collects non-recyclable post-consumer waste and diverts it from landfills by recycling and upcycling the waste into usable products.

Terracycle has joined forces with Huggies to form the Diaper Packaging Brigade which collects the plastic wrapping from diaper packages and disposable wipe containers. Sign up to be part of the brigade and turn all that waste into something useful.

3. Use a diaper pail:

Forget the Diaper Genie, once your diapering days are done so is their usefulness. Plus, you’ll need to keep spending money buying their refills. Repurpose a plastic or stainless steel garbage you already own or purchase one that will be able to have a life after diapers.

4. Skip the plastic bags:

Instead of placing plastic bags in your diaper pail, consider using a cloth diaper pail liner. Reusable liners are washable and waterproof. Get one with a zipper and once your child is potty trained, use it for days at the beach or swimming lessons.

Another option is to put the diapers directly in the pail. Empty it daily and give your pail a quick rinse in the laundry tub if it starts smelling funky. A liberal sprinkle of baking soda keeps diapering smells under control.

Do you use disposable diapers? How have you reduced their environmental impact?