5 Natural Skincare Products I’m Loving Lately {Vol.1}

5 natural skincare products Truth: I talk a lot about decluttering and simplifying and I’ve done a great job at it (hey, I moved to a small log home after all) except in the green beauty department. I can’t help but want to try different beauty products especially when they’re Canadian! I figure it’s kind of my duty to try them right?

It helps you to navigate the wild landscape of natural skincare products so you can go right to shopping and skip the deciphering of ingredients. And since I only want to be of service, I don’t mind putting in the work (okay, it’s super fun) but I do hope it helps simplify your shopping for better beauty products.

5 Green Beauty Discoveries I’m Loving

5 natural skincare products

1. Wildcraft Calm and Cleanse ($18) This chamomile and honey makeup remover is so gentle it didn’t leave my eyes blurry after removing my mascara. Small miracles! I even had my little sister come over and try it because we’ve often complained to each other about removing eye makeup since it leaves us standing in front of the sink unable to see. Shake the glass bottle well before use as the product separates and use it on your whole face if you want an intro to oil cleansing.

2. Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Serious Scrub ($24) They meant it when they dubbed this scrub serious. The main ingredient is pure volcanic pumice and it works hard. I slathered it on the backs of my heels to slough away my dry winter feet and after they looked like I’d just come from a pedicure. If you’re like me and live in sandals all summer long, you’ll want this to keep your heels easily looking good.

3. Causemetics Skin Soother Hydrating Lotion ($22) Confession…I snuck this one in the list. I’ve been loving this unscented lotion for over a year but it’s so good I wanted to make sure you knew it existed. One of my favourite Canadian green beauty companies, Ella’s Botanicals created this lotion for Causemetics, a social enterprise who gives their profits to provide financial support to women going through breast cancer treatments. Buy a bottle of this lotion and give $4.00.

4. kaia natural’s bamboo tapioca beads ($38) I really dig how easy it is to shake this natural exfoliator into my hands using the little holes in the lid. I know it seems like a small thing but I’ve used plenty of powdered exfoliators that don’t have this and waste so much product when too much pours out. It really is the little things that make me take notice. Sometimes I feel like a deep cleanse and sometimes I don’t.  This scrub is customizable by adding more water to make it extra gentle or using less to make a paste mask.

5. Stark Skincare’s Everlasting Calm + Smooth Infusion ($70) As the price suggests, this is a luxe product and your skin will know it too. The description says it’s feather-light and I agree. I use this serum as my only daytime hydration if I’m staying home and layer it in the evenings under a cream moisturizer or facial oil. I just ordered an extra bottle in anticipation of using it to calm my skin in the hot days of July. Treat yourself.