5 Steps To Having A Minimalist Home

minimalist home tips

Minimalism has so many benefits. From less cleaning to a more open home, minimalism is catching on fast. Less clutter and less overall will help open your mind to the life in front of you.

Creating a minimalist home is not easy, especially if you have a lot of stuff. However, anyone can create a minimalist home, it just takes time and momentum, and these five steps will get you started.

Believe you can make the switch to minimalism

The first step to having a minimalist home is wrapping your head around the idea. You must believe in your heart and mind that this is who you are, and your worth is separate from your material possessions. Until you can complete this task, simplifying your home will be difficult.

Ask yourself if the things you own are really needed

It helps when beginning this step, that you have a vision in your mind of how you wish your home to look. Then, get to the minimizing, leaving no stone unturned. As you move around your home, ask yourself if these things are actually needed or liked.

If the answer is no, don’t bother keeping it. Get rid of it, using the suggestions below, as soon as you come to this conclusion. This should be practiced on every single item in your home, but it will take time to get there. Eventually, your home will only be full of items you love.

Stay positive about the benefits of a minimalist home

A minimalist house helps keep your things organized and in order, cleaning is a lot easier when you don’t have as much stuff. You’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for without much effort as well.

An unexpected benefit of simplifying your home is that everyone may feel calmer and happier. These are just a few of the many advantages to a minimalist home. Keep your eyes on the prize and try to stay positive during this transition.

minimalism home

Look for sustainable options

Ask yourself how long you are going to use something, and if you truly need it before each and every purchase. This will help keep clutter from reentering your home and your minimalist home intact. 

When you are only purchasing the items you really need, you’ll more easily save money to buy higher quality sustainable items down the line. 

Make decisions about what to do with your discards

Your unused items can be a need for someone else. Before you just dump everything in the garbage, consider donating or selling these items. Just be sure you don’t hang on to them too long or you may forget why they were being discarded in the first place.

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1 Comment

  • Alex says:

    Very helpful, and practical tips Sara! Even I found your post very motivational.

    I am worse at decluttering, each time I make my mind to declutter my home, I just couldn’t make it happen because of all the attached emotion and memories.

    These tips will help me to start fresh and focus on the end goal – the benefits of a minimalist home.

    I especially liked #3 that will keep me motivated this time.

    Thank you for the informative and inspirational post 🙂