Holiday Sleep Solution For Babies

How to keep your baby rested over the holidays

How To Keep Your Baby’s Sleep Schedule Over The Holidays

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Hi Rebecca, My baby has finally started sleeping through the night and I’m beginning to feel normal again. We’re travelling to my parents over the holidays, and I’m so stressed that his sleep will be disrupted and we’ll be back to night wakings. What can I do to prevent this from happening short of skipping our trip?

Try to manage your expectations during periods of travel. Even the best sleepers can experience some regression. Start by making sure that you don’t forget anything that your baby normally uses as part of their nap and bedtime routines. 

You will also want to make their new sleep space conducive to sleep. Check for any potential hazards and then create a dark, cool and quiet space.

During the holiday season schedules are also interrupted, leading to fatigue and irritability in children. Missing naps can result in night wakings, so be mindful to try to stick to your child’s sleep schedule. I also recommend including some extra wind down time prior to naps and bedtime away from family and friends to help make the transition from being awake to falling asleep.

Here are a few items that help to have on hand for travelling with your child.

baby sleep tips products

gro anywhere blind for darkening rooms

baby sleep tip products

A Greenguard Gold certified pack and play

baby sleep tip products

A sound machine with a soft night light

P.S. Watch my video on Sleep Secrets To Use When Travelling With Babies for more ideas.

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