Keeping Baby Warm At Night When It’s Freezing Cold Outside

How to keep baby warm at night in the winter

How To Keep Baby Warm At Night

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Hi Rebecca, Now that winter is here, I don’t know what to dress my baby in. How do I keep my baby warm enough in their crib without a blanket, especially when she’s beginning to flip over at night. How can I tell if she’s warm enough? What winter sleep wear do you recommend? 

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that a baby’s room be kept at a consistent temperature in between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius (65-70 degrees Fahrenheit).

Sleep sacs are a great investment to help keep your child at a comfortable temperature without using a blanket.

Look for one that adjustable to ensure that it is appropriately sized around your baby’s neck and arms, but that is generous with length to allow you to use it for longer than a couple of months. You should also consider the level of warmth it will provide. Too heavy and your baby might be too warm. Too light and your baby might be too cold. Look for a medium weight and adjust what your baby is wearing underneath. A long-sleeved and footed pyjama in a breathable fabric is ideal when combined with a sleep sack during the cooler months.

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If you aren’t comfortable using a sleep sac, then consider adding a onesie and socks to your baby’s sleepwear.

Introducing a sleep sack early on can help to hinder your child’s attempt to climb out of the crib when they are older.

Below are a few organic sleep sack options. The first has a swaddle option for newborns, the second comes in various sizes and the third is made with merino wool which is breathable in all seasons.

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