Beauty Brands Talk About Going Green

Canadian green beauty brands discuss going green

Do you ever wonder what is the catalyst behind a brand? I sure do! I love to know the connection between someone’s story and their business. Below nine natural beauty founders reveal their reasons for going green. 

Through whole my life I’ve been fascinated by the balance that occurs in nature when it’s not disturbed by unwise and aggressive human behavior, by the hidden powers of plants and trees.

Overcoming and learning to control auto-immune conditions and skin sensitivities made me realize how strong our bodies’ self-healing abilities are when we are are not carrying the burden of toxins and irritants present in the majority of mass market consumer products, medications, and foods.

The transition to more conscious consumer lifestyle in skincare, cosmetics, food and taking responsibility for my own health (as opposed to passing it on to medical doctors) have been a long journey, not always easy. The good part about it is that that very shortly your body rewards your for the efforts, starting to give your hard to miss hints that you are on the right track. That is more than encouraging. It’s also a never-ending journey that is way more enjoyable when you have a support of like-minded community, family and close friends (in an ideal scenario). It builds up self-confidence, glowing health and brings an amazing feeling that you are on the right path, doing your best for yourself, your loved ones and people around you. Anna Tubina, co-founder and owner of ZAYA eco skincare

I discovered herbs & aromatherapy at a young age and fell in love. I began using essential oils daily and got my hands on some old herbal books and began experimenting with making skin healing balms. I was amazed at how incredible these products were- so simple yet so effective and beautiful. I dreamed of one day having my own line of products and sharing my passion for herbs and aromatherapy with the world.

I have been living green for as long as I can remember and my brand , as an extension of myself, was developed out of that philosophy- simplicity, free of chemicals and eco-friendly packaging. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Ella Nunes, Ella’s Botanicals

Our catalyst to go green is simple; we wanted to use ingredients from the earth based on the ancient principle that plants are actually your best medicine. It goes without saying that we steer clear of synthetically made ingredients typically found in most skincare you’ll see in any store. Graydon, Graydon Skincare

Natural beauty founders discuss going green

I started in skincare as an aesthetician, using high-end products in my spa that contained all kinds of chemical and synthetic ingredients. It wasn’t until I did my Aromatherapist Certification that I learned about the harmful effects of such ingredients, and how natural and organic products can be equally beneficial to the skin and exponentially healthier for our bodies and our planet. The more I learned, the more I realized that the majority of skin care products currently on the market are actually doing more harm than good. As a mother and grandmother, I made it my personal goal to create safe, clean, organic skincare for the whole family. Lisa Cain, KIN Organics

In the 1990s, my stepfather, and dog were diagnosed with the same form of cancer, one that is linked to lawn pesticides. It was then that I understood that synthetic chemicals can affect our health and that our government was not regulating this properly. I looked to natural, green, and organic products to protect myself from environmental toxins. Jessica Burman, Cocoon Apothecary

LOVEFRESH was inspired by my love for aromatherapy, and my search for the best natural products to use on her two kids!

My two passions came together when I realized how many harsh chemicals women are putting on the most sensitive parts of their bodies. We spend so much time making sure everything we’re feeding our kids and using on their skin is the best – so why don’t we hold our own products to the same standards?

So product by product, the LOVEFRESH line began to grow. While natural is important, I also knew that my customers wanted something that was fun, smelled good, and ultimately looked beautiful by their sink. We believe every woman is naturally beautiful – and her products should be too! Stacey Davis, LOVEFRESH

green beauty brands talk going green

Like many women, becoming a mother influenced my decision to focus on green living. I believe natural skin and body care is an extension of the good ingredients I choose to feed my family. I know that is a common journey for many people, especially moms, I’m no different than other moms, I just get bigger quantities [because of L’Moor]. Bonnie Annis, co-owner of L’Moor

For me, it is about Moor Mud and how it helped me with my back pain after my first mud bath in 1995,more effectively than anything else I had tried. This experience started me on a path of discovery and through the years I learned that “our body knows what to do with natural ingredients much more than synthetic. I believe that Moor is the perfect natural ingredient, taking the energy of the sun and infusing it into the plants that make up the Moor mud to give the body what it needs to balance itself. Will Roderick, co-owner of L’Moor

I grew up with allergies and eczema. I grew tired of the heavy chemicals I was using to treat my conditions and decided to do my own research into all-natural solutions. I began blending products and became a certified Aromatherapist. The results were so positive, I continued to blend for family & friends, and from that Province Apothecary was born! Julie Clark, Province Apothecary

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