Nine Beauty Products To Nurture Your Skin

Canadian beauty products that will nurture your skin

So, you have your arsenal of everyday beauty products for cleansing and hydrating skin and hair but what do you use when you want an item that goes beyond daily needs?

I’m always looking out for products that will nurture me and my family where we are most tender and vulnerable.

For me, it’s the state of my skin and nails. I’ve just celebrated my 38th birthday and have noticed more and more the effect my late-night habits have on my skin, especially under my eyes.

Getting better sleep  by following a bedtime routine is part of my priority for better skin, but so is caring for it with products that nurture. And because I can’t seem to keep a manicure looking on point for more than two days, I like to keep my nails looking their best, naturally.

nurture your skin with beauty products for hands, face, and sleep

9 Natural Beauty Products To Nurture Your Skin

Nurture your skin, body, and spirit with these nine natural beauty products:

  1. Before Bed Spray | Graydon Skincare A perfect compliment to everyone’s bedtime routine to promote good sleep and relaxation.
  2. Collagen Elastin Plus | Pure + Simple Healthy skin needs collagen and as we age it breaks down. A must have if you want to keep your skin looking healthy. Use it after cleansing.
  3. Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator | Province Apothecary Regularly exfoliate your skin by mixing this exfoliator with other ingredients (e.g., water, honey, yogurt) depending on the season.
  4.  Eyewaken Eye Cream | Cocoon Apothecary An EWG verified eye cream to cool, moisturize and reduce puffiness.
  5. Eye Oil | Zaya Eco Skincare Eye makeup removing oil for gentle cleansing and to lock in moisture.
  6. Eye Cream | Zaya Eco Skincare Pair this with the Eye Oil for an ultra restorative eye treatment.
  7. Nail Treatment Oil | L’Moor This product makes me a bit giddy. A drop on each nail to keep them strong and gorgeous looking!
  8. Bottoms Up! | Ella’s Botanicals For baby’s bottom, your chapped lips or anywhere that needs extra love and protection! This is a product I’ve been using long after my son was out of cloth diapers. I even send it as my go-to baby shower gift.
  9. germs away MIST | Graydon Skincare Carry this everywhere, all the time, to keep hands and surfaces free from germs, an amazing smelling natural alternative to hand sanitizer.

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