Mothers Need Night Time Routines, Too!

Bedtime routine for mothers

Do you have bedtime routines for yourself? We mothers, know the importance of bedtime rituals for our children but do we acknowledge that we too, need a routine to help us wind down for sleep?

For a long time, I would get stuck in the cycle of Netflix binging, noting that the time got later and later and avoiding facing the kitchen mess or the clothes in the dryer. It wasn’t until a cycle of too many late nights and one of our littles going through a period of interrupted sleep that I waved my white flag to exhaustion. Getting better sleep has made me feel better, be more creative, and best of all, a happier, more patient parent.

Bedtime Routines For Mothers

Let’s take a peek inside the bedroom routines of a few of our contributors:

Bedtime routine of four mothersEven if I’m tired/late going to bed, I need to read a few pages of whatever is on my bedside table. I stick to themes that are lighter or something that focuses on entrepreneurs and coaching strategies. I stay away from dark themes and anything to do with organizing (otherwise I just start making mental lists of corners in my house that need my attention)! Rebecca Earl, Sugar Plum Sleep Co.

Bedtime routines for tired mothersI use some relaxing herbs in the evening, along with magnesium, prior to going to bed that really help calm my brain and nervous system. When I go upstairs, I set my essential oil diffusers with a blend that I find calming (usually includes lavender and a few other oils), or if either hubby or I are fighting off a cold, it will include things to keep our airways open while we sleep to avoid unnecessary wake-ups. I also have a roll-on that I use too. Like Rebecca Earl, I also always read, even if it’s only a page or two, and never anything that’s going to get my brain going too much. Arja Pennanen Lytle, Balance Body & Soul

Bedtime routine for mothersI like to grab a snack and then read a little or a lot before I can fall asleep. I have been trying to get 8 hours a night, and most nights I am successful. Mornings where I don’t have to get up before the sun, I feel much more alive. Looking forward to spring very much! Holly LaRochelle, The Inspired Home 


My routine starts when I’m helping my boys get ready for bed. I put on my pyjamas (or at least, lounging clothes), wash my face and moisturize for the evening. I turn down my bed, crack open a window, and spritz some Lavendar spray in my room. Then after the kids are in bed, I brew herbal tea and sip it while I finish out any emails and create to-do lists (personal and professional) for the following day. I admit I often work in the evening, so I save the lightweight stuff like finding photos for this time of day. As soon as I start to feel sleepy I head to bed; this is essential for me to follow through and not stay up late! Once in bed, I read a few pages before I find myself nodding off.

The Bedtime Routines Of Four Mothers

If you aren’t getting enough sleep then you need to take a look at your evening schedule.  What’s keeping you up? If you stay up late to get some much-needed alone time, building mini-pauses into your day can help. Plan on taking care of any chores earlier in the evening or right when your kids go to bed. Then start the process of your night time routine which should include steps that help you relax.

Tell us how you wind-down before bed? Plus, use this 10-minute checklist to make your bedroom a haven for better sleep