The Best Experiential Gift Ever

The Best Gift You Could Ever Give A ChildI want to give my children all kinds of experiences. I want them to have the confidence to try something even if it’s scary and to understand that perfection isn’t the goal. When we decided to take a leave from our jobs and move up north we talked about how it would impact our boys. How would it be to leave their home? What would it be like living with no neighbours by the lake? What if we went back to the city after a year or two? Would they be sad? In the end, we decided that we would be modeling big life lessons for them, showing them that growth comes from taking a chance and experiencing life.

One of the biggest chances kids take is learning to read. They put themselves out there day after day trying to decode the mystery that are words. They want to read. That’s why from an early age you see kids looking at books, telling stories from the pictures, and memorizing the lines so they can read the story to us.

I love making my kids Santa wishlist come true which means this year there will be Lego and Transformers under the tree. But what’s even better than giving my children the toys topping their holiday wishlist? Providing an experience that will last forever.

There are so many experiential gifts for kids, but only one is the best. The gift of learning to read. Once a child can read there is nothing they cannot do.

The Best Experiential Gift Ever

Since starting the Ooka Island reading program, my oldest son has embarked on a path to reading that I couldn’t unlock for him. He liked reading with me, but he didn’t want me to teach him how. He quickly gave up when trying, becoming frustrated and frustrating me

Almost every day now, John reads something to us whether in the car or at home. He has been able to independently figure out words like joy, book, feet, and more because of the educational games in the app.

This confidence is translating to all our reading activities including his French language practice. As we’re playing “Go Fish” with his vocabulary words he’s noticing that once he knows one sound “chunk” other words that share the same “chunk” are easy to solve. He’s even drawing parallels between the French “ou” sound and the English “oo”.

We’re raising a generation of kids who are used to technology and seek it out. It may not feel natural to us, a generation that didn’t have regular access to tech except maybe Oregon Trail, to learn to read this way, but it is for our children.

Our role is to embrace it and balance it.

The Ooka Island reading app is a quality, researched program that is proven to teach children to read by following a 3 times a week/30 minute formula. Not only is the experience of learning to read fun with this app, but it works. It’s a safe space for kids to take chances with their language learning with lots of encouragement and support

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which is the third in a three-part series about the Ooka Island reading program. You can read how it helped balance our family time or why I think it’s the perfect reading program for boys