10 Ways Lovefresh Deodorant Does It Right

Why I'm Going Steady (Finally) With A Deodorant

Giving up the same antiperspirant/deodorant brand that I had used since high school was the hardest part of my switch to better personal care products.

It’s often the item most of us put off because we’re all scared to stink.

But really, ditching the toxins in this product is one of the first ones we should drop because it gets absorbed into our bloodstream close to the sensitive tissues of our breasts and lymph nodes. Conventional antiperspirants also impair our body’s natural detoxing by creating a barrier for our sweat.

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The Best Natural Deodorant

I’ve been going steady with one deodorant for almost a year now. I’ve worn Lovefresh through all the seasons and it’s a keeper. I don’t want to try anymore. It’s the best natural deodorant that’s ever been under my pits and I’ve tried 6 different products. I even dabbled back into the baddies, ones with those hormone-disrupting chemicals, but I kept persevering until I found my one.

If you’re struggling to meet your deodorant match let me play matchmaker for you…

Going Steady With Natural Deodorant

10 Ways Lovefresh Does Natural Deodorant Right

…all the reasons you should try their deodorant right away 
  1. Their deodorant cream goes on smoothly thanks to fair trade shea butter and coconut oil. No grainy feeling here, thank you very much.
  2. They made a deodorant stick! A deodorant stick!  This is a rarity in the natural deodorant world. The stick goes on like their cream without the need to rub your finger under your armpits. This makes the transition to a natural deodorant so much easier.
  3. Two baking soda free options, for the super sensitive type. This was the game changer for me. No more rashes.
  4. Six great scents to choose from, and only one contains tea tree oil. My favourite is the Eucalyptus Spearmint. It’s so refreshing.
  5. With just 5 or 6 recognizable ingredients in each product, you have total control over what’s going on your body.
  6. My armpits still smell like Eucalyptus Spearmint at the end of the day. The deodorant lasts and lasts and holds up under extreme sweating conditions.
  7. Stacey Davis, the owner, is both kind and helpful. She’ll answer your questions and give you pointers (like don’t put your deodorant on directly after shaving…oops)
  8. The cream comes in two sizes (2 oz or 4 oz). The small one lasts me 6 months, but I frequently don’t apply it on the weekends.
  9. You won’t find any of the toxic ten ingredients in their deodorants.
  10. Not only does Lovefresh make deodorants that are free from cancer causing ingredients they support breast cancer patients through their partnership with Causemetics.

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Lovefresh as part of the #GMCBeauty campaign. All opinions are my own, I truly love this product.