Redefining The Best Gear For Our Children


Best Gear For Children and The Clean Start Program

Close on the heels of a pregnancy announcement, follows a new era of consumption for soon-to-be parents. Excited moms and dads to-be often fill their home with the “best stuff for babies”, mainstream products that are made popular by magazines, big box stores, and friends. Not to mention, the traditional baby products that our parents used with us (I’m looking at you, petroleum-based baby oil!) This accumulation of stuff doesn’t slow down when kids get older, rather it changes from diapers and rattles to backpacks and tech gear.

Hidden Concerns

Most parents don’t know about the chemical toxins that find there way into many common children’s products. These toxins ranging from  PVC plastic toys with hormone disrupting phthalates, VOCs and lead in play cosmetics, and PBDEs (flame retardants) in clothing. As children’s organ, respiratory, immune, and neurological systems are still developing they are simply more susceptible to the negative effects of chemical exposure.

Giving Our Kids A Clean Start

In our efforts to safeguard our little ones, what if we were to redefine our version of the best children’s gear by choosing from a different value system? One that focused on being better for our health, our humanity, and the planet?! These products would thus be free of harmful chemicals, reduce waste by having an improved life cycle, respect animals and humans, support our economy, and promote sustainability. That’s why I love terra20’s Clean Start program. Parents with children 0-5, sign up to join the program which offers an initial $25 dollar gift and another $20 credit to celebrate your child’s birthday. Even better, terra20 is an online and brick and mortar store that makes it simple to find and choose items that are best for your child by measurable standards.

Five Earth-Friendly Ideas For Better Children’s Gear

There are many products to choose from but to get you started, I’ll share 5 of my favourite eco-friendly children’s gear to help you channel your purchases into greener choices.

5 best earth-friendly children's gear

1. Reusable cloth snack bags  can be used right from birth for on-the-go cloth wipe kits and baby toiletries, later carrying snacks for playground visits and school lunches.

2. An organic blanket that can be a soft floor mat for baby to play, a stroller sun cover, and transition to a cozy addition for all those school pyjama days in your child’s future!

3. Multipurpose organic cotton washcloths for faces, bath time, cloth wipes, napkins, or messes.

4. Wet bags for storing reusable diapers, soiled clothes, and swim gear. The whole family can use wet bags for beach days and easy overnight bags.

5. Finding a toxic-free hand soap with a subtle fragrance keeps everyone in the house clean and free of germs. Each of these choices can make the transition from birth through to school age.

What are some of your favourite eco-friendly products for the 0-5 set?

I am a terra20 Clean Start program ambassador. As a mom to two boys, 5 and 2, I use the program myself! All opinions and excitement are my own.