Keeping Your Blood Glucose In Check During Pregnancy

keep your blood glucose in check during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a time of hard work for your body, and it requires that you give it all the right fuels and building blocks to not only grow your baby, but to keep you healthy too.

Glucose is the basic unit of energy for the body, and its preferred source of fuel, especially in the short term. With the increased demands on your body, keeping your blood glucose steady and reasonable is more important than ever.

Trouble controlling blood glucose could mean simply fluctuating energy levels (highs and lows), or it could mean a diagnosis of gestational diabetes, which can affect your baby and your health permanently if not managed.

Healthy Tips To Keep Your Blood Glucose Under Control

The best treatment is prevention, so here are ways that you can keep your glucose controlled:

Eat more fiber and protein

Both fiber and protein, when they accompany glucose in your food, help slow down how quickly glucose enters your blood stream. That translates to steadier levels.

This is why eating a whole orange is always better than drinking a glass of orange juice. Think whole foods.

For every meal and snack, ensure there is a source of fiber and protein in it. Try raw nuts, seeds, plain Green yogurt, eggs, beans and lentils, quinoa, hummus, veggies, and whole grains.

Limit simple sugars and carbs

Overindulging in sugary foods, white breads, pastas, juices, sodas, candy and pastries results in big spikes in your blood glucose

If your body is frequently under a barrage of sugar, you run the risk of becoming insulin resistant (read: diabetic), not to mention the inevitable sugar crash. Your pregnant body will not appreciate either of those scenarios, so practice strict moderation.

Eat more cinnamon

Cinnamon has been shown to help regulate blood glucose levels, and being such as safe and accessible spice, you can’t go wrong by including it in your diet more.

I’m sure you know that I don’t mean eating a Cinnabon every day. You can easily incorporate a couple teaspoons of cinnamon per day into your oatmeal, cereal, porridge, smoothie, yogurt, and cooked meals.

Keep moving

Though moving around may get harder with each passing week and trimester, it is essential you don’t turn into a total slug.

Exercising muscles do not require insulin to take up glucose out of the blood as fuel, so to keep your blood sugar from getting too high, moving your major muscles will help.

Walking, squats, gentle weight training, dancing, yoga, cycling, swimming – these are all pregnancy-approved forms of exercise that will provide you with endless benefits. Just remember to be safe, and listen to your body to not over-do it, as you will be tired more easily while pregnant.

To avoid getting hypoglycemic (having your blood sugar dip too low) during exercise, eat a snack with protein and carbs before and after your workout or a bout of activity.