Easy Camping Food Ideas For Families

Camping food ideas to simply your family camping trip

There’s a lot to do to get ready for camping, especially when taking your kids, but packing your food doesn’t need to be one of the more difficult items on your list. Here are four camping food ideas that will keep your preparation simple and meals delicious while out in the woods:

Pack Camp Food For The First Night

Have something ready to eat for the first night that doesn’t require cooking. After driving to your campground and setting up your site, everyone may start to feel a little bit hangry. Serve make-your-own submarine sandwiches along with some prepared salads for an easy and filling meal. Pull out a cutting board and fill it with cold cuts, cheese, and your family’s favourite veggies. Keep the leftover hearty vegetables for the next day. After everyone’s bellies are full from dinner, start your campfire and gather round to roast marshmallows or make banana boats on top of the grill.

Easy Camping Meals Begin With Meal Planning

Meal planning your camp food is a must. Without easy access to a grocery store, you don’t want to be missing an ingredient. Preparing ahead also means when you’re done hiking or playing at the beach, you can switch to autopilot and cook up campfire recipes that will refuel your family.

Here are a few campfire recipes your family will love:

How to prepare easy campfire meals for families

Add These Two Items To Your Camping Checklist

Make up a fresh batch of this fruit and vegetable wash recipe to bring on your camping trip to keep cleaning easy. Spray your fruits and veggies down and then wash them in a bucket or under the tap.

Another camping list must is aluminum foil-the workhouse of most campfire meals. Try to choose recycled aluminum foil to help protect our waterways from added toxins.

Don’t Waste Time In Grocery Stores

Getting ready for a trip with children is daunting. There’s so much to do and you’re in charge of it all. Save time and reduce planning stress by ordering local, organic produce and groceries to your home with Spud.ca , if you’re in their delivery area. Use your meal plan to order everything as close to your departure as possible to ensure super fresh food for your camping trip.

Since the food is delivered in a reusable bin with dairy and meat kept in insulated packaging, it’s easy to remove the food that must be kept cold right into your prepared cooler. Leave the fruits and vegetables and pantry items in the bin to pack directly into the car. An added bonus of organic food delivery? Less waste than if you went to the grocery store!

local organic delivery camping food ideas


  • Tammy says:

    Great tips! I always make a pulled pork for the first night. Pre cooked, after heating on the fire we sandwich it between buns. Heading camping Friday. Off to check out some of the recipes you shared here.