Don’t Let These 5 Ingredients In Your Toiletry Bag


When I began my journey on the Aromatherapy road, I had no idea that I would discover some things that shocked me. I was aware that essential oils were good for me, but when I began my quest for information on ingredients used in skin care, what my research revealed was shocking! Every day we use several beauty products that are part of our routine. What many people are not aware of is that everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream as our skin is our largest organ. I had no idea that when I started my day with having a shower and washing my hair and then enjoying some luxurious body cream that I was filling my body with chemicals.

5 ingredients found in many body care products:

Parabens: Mostly used as a preservative in beauty products, this chemical has been found in human breast cancer tissue, so it’s been noted that there is a possible link between parabens and breast cancer.

PEG (polyethylene glycol): Reading about this chemical that is in many beauty products when I first started doing research about ingredients used in beauty products is what made me determined to create all natural products. PEG’s are usually found with a number beside it. These are used to dissolve grease so it can be found in products used to clean the grease off of garage floors.

Propylene Glycol: This chemical can be found as an active ingredient in antifreeze. It is widely used in body products to help them to be absorbed into the skin. Truly natural products are slower to absorb because they do not contain this ingredient.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate): is a common ingredient found in shampoos and soaps and is what causes “suds” or bubbles and makes people feel they are getting “clean”. It is found in soaps to wash your car and de-greasers. It has been found to be an irritant for skin, eyes and lungs and can create toxicity on our organs.

Mineral Oil: This ingredient is commonly found in many beauty products (as well as baby oil) because it is very inexpensive. It is also known as liquid petroleum. It is known to clog pores and can create toxicity in our organ system.

It is much easier now to find natural personal care products that do not contain harmful chemicals than it was ten years ago when I started on this mission of creating natural products and using them. I am still not perfect when it comes to avoiding chemicals in beauty products but it is definitely something that is worth the effort.