Homeopathic Remedies For Thriving Through Your Children’s Cold and Flu

children's cold and flu

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This fall was huge in our house for two reasons.

After my nearly 3-year old son, James, escaped from his crib every morning for 2 weeks in a row, my husband and I finally conceded that it was time to switch him to a big-boy bed. We waved a mournful goodbye to the crib that used to ensure he was contained in one space and (mostly) welcomed this new milestone.

The next huge moment was James’ switch from home daycare to preschool at our local Montessori school. I spent Labour Day weekend labelling everything in sight, organizing his little backpack with his water bottle and blankie, and made sure he had two pairs of spare clothes because I had visions of his being stranded pantless all day if he went through the first pair-James has never met a mud puddle he didn’t like.

As we dropped him off on his first day, I waved goodbye while he completely ignored me in favour of stealing another child’s glue stick, then walked back to the car, surprised not to be an emotional wreck, but I suppose I shed those tears when we gave up the crib.

medicine for cold and flu

His teacher had passed me the monthly newsletter as I was leaving and I decided to read through it before driving away, just in case I’d missed something important in my preparations.

And that’s when I saw it, the glaring headline on the front page that read in bold, block letters:

SICK POLICY, followed by equally terrifying headings like “FEVER” “DIARRHEA” AND “RASHES”.

There it was:  The unavoidable reminder that, not only is winter coming, but so is cold and flu season.  And it’s no joke.

Will You Get Your Children’s Cold and Flu?

Two winters ago the trendy thing going through daycare was the regular flu that turned into stomach flu.

I remember the day very well when we got a text from our daycare teacher telling us that someone had thrown up. I dropped everything and raced over to pick James up in the hopes that maybe–just maybe—we could avoid it. But inevitably that night his symptoms started, which meant the onslaught for us wasn’t far behind.

Sure enough, 24 hours later I found myself in hospital because I was so dehydrated from loss of fluid. This past year, I was so prepared to ward off the stomach flu thanks to that experience that I was blindsided when November rolled around and I picked up a cough from James that lasted for 8 full weeks. Accompanied off and on by a sore throat, no less.

The moral of the story is that I am terrified of cold and flu season. And I know I’m not alone.

The horror stories I’ve heard from fellow parents about up-all-night fevers, hacking coughs and projectile vomiting will surely have us all bracing for what’s to come once the weather turns to cozy sweaters and single digit temperatures.

Stocking Up With Medicine For Cold And Flu

So I decided while still sitting in the parking lot of James’ new school that this year I was going to do everything I could to arm myself against the onslaught of germs before they took hold.  

Rather than head home for a blissfully indulgent third cup of coffee sans-toddler, I went straight to our local health store and picked up a few homeopathic reinforcements.

Boiron’s Oscillococcinum, a  treatment to help ward off and reduce flu-symptoms that can be used for James as well as my husband and I. And Stodal Multi-Symptom Syrup, so I have a solution for runny nose, sore throat or dry cough (which is sort of a miracle considering my family is prone to all three and I usually end up having to buy a separate treatment for each symptom).

Having grown up using the typical drugstore treatments for cough and flu that sometimes worked but also filled my system with chemicals and dyes, I really appreciate knowing that by using Boiron’s homeopathic treatments I’m able to treat my family’s cold and flu effectively without resorting to synthetic ingredients.

That being said, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that there’s a chance we will get through this year without having to do battle with the typical illnesses that come with having a child in school.

One can hope, after all.

But just as it feels better to have your fridge filled with good food and your closet updated with new clothes for fall, I feel at peace knowing that my medicine cabinet is stocked so that with the first sign of a runny nose or fever, I’m covered. Just please no diarrhea!

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Disclosure: I have partnered with the Wild Creative Co. and Boiron Canada for this children’s cold and flu post, and was compensated. All opinions are my own.