Cloth Diapers Vs Diaper Service: Simple Ways To Choose!

Cloth diaper vs Diaper Service how to choose

Let me be straight with you….I’m a total cloth diaper fangirl (and former retailer)! A few years ago I bought mainly conventional diapers but now I use a happy combo of reusable diapers and eco disposables. I’m telling you this because I get that you’re likely curious about cloth diapering but unsure if you can deal with cleaning the poop (you can, trust me!) and might be going in circles trying to understand which cloth diaper styles and brands would best suit your baby, especially if your baby is still inside your tummy, unavailable for trying on diapers.

Sometimes when people hear the words “cloth diapers”, they picture the old-fashioned reusable diapers of past generations rather than the fashionable and easy to use cloth diapers that are now available. There are so many choices for cloth diapers, with some research you will find ones that best suit your lifestyle and finances.

Learn more about the types of Diaper Fibres to narrow down your choices to the fabric you would like to use for your baby.

Thinking About Cloth Diapers?

Cloth Diapers may be the best choice for your baby if some of the following statements best describe your current situation:

  • You have your own washer and dryer
  • You are able to spend the money up front to buy your diapers or are willing to buy second-hand
  • You like flexibility of using different styles of diapers (e.g., prefolds, pockets etc.)
  • You prefer having control over the laundry detergent being used
  • Whether this is your first child or not, you like the idea of recouping your money through years of use or resale

If you are ready to build your stash, here’s a cloth diaper shopping list to get you started.

how to choose cloth diaper vs diaper service

Considering A Diaper Service?

Diaper services usually use cotton or bamboo fitted diapers which are fully absorbent and require a diaper cover to prevent leaks. Many companies ask clients purchase their own covers to be kept at home and washed out by hand or in your washing machine. Each week, soiled diapers are picked up and replaced with clean ones.

Most of the time, there is no exclusivity on the cloth diapers, meaning your child is receiving fresh diapers but not ones only set aside for their use. If the idea of diaper sharing bothers you than revisit buying your own cloth diapers (see above) or read all about  natural disposables  to consider  another eco-friendly option for your baby.

I recommend asking the diaper service company about the type of laundry detergent and cleaning products they are using to wash the diapers. If you have sensitive skin or allergies you already know how detergents can irritate skin and you’ll want to consider that your baby may share your sensitivities.

A Diaper Service may be the right fit for your family if some of the following statements resonate with you:

  • You use shared laundry facilities
  • A fixed cost for diapering works best for your finances
  • You want to cloth diaper but the idea of washing diapers makes you a little queasy
  • You’re busy and love the convenience of door-to-door clean diaper delivery
  • This is not your first baby but it’s your first time cloth diapering

It’s normal to feel stuck about which diapers to choose, after all, you will be using them for at least two years. If you are considering using cloth diapers these tips should get you thinking about important factors to consider when making your decision.
Cloth Diapers vs Diaper Service, which reusable diapering system do you think would work best for your family?