Going Au Naturel With Confidence

Going Au Naturel With ConfidencePre-motherhood I refused to leave my house without a layer of foundation and powder. The sole exception was Sunday night dinner at my mother’s house. Having worn a “full-face” since I was a teen, I didn’t like the way my skin looked without makeup. Leaving the house without makeup was like starting my morning with coffee. I felt like I wasn’t quite all there.

When I became pregnant, nausea forced my to give up makeup. Shortly thereafter, I had my green awakening, learning about the toxic ingredients found in conventional beauty products. I quit makeup cold turkey except on special occasions. But I felt uncomfortable and decidedly unpretty.

Almost two years ago, I had a shift in my perspective. Some people would attribute my change to getting older, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my ease with no makeup began once I introduced Cocoon Apothecary’s Petal Purity exfoliating facial cleanser into my beauty routine.

Going Au Naturel With Confidence

Housed in an amber-coloured glass jar, this creamy jojoba bead exfoliating cleanser is the main act in my nightly cleansing ritual. The jojoba microbead’s are gentle enough to use every day which is perfect for my sensitive skin. There is no abrasive feeling found in many other exfoliators nor is it so gentle that I don’t feel I’ve gotten a good enough scrub. I also love that I’m not sending plastic microbeads down the drain into the lakes.

The cleanser is oh-so-creamy, made with organic coconut and almond oils which never leaves my skin feeling stripped of moisture but rather more hydrated after washing. The certified organic lavender and geranium essential oils lightly scent my skin. My hubby has often given it a complimentary inhale after our goodnight kiss.

My skin always feels super soft all day long. Even as I write this post, I’ve touched my forehead and cheeks repeatedly as further proof to myself. My facialist compliments my skin every time I see her, telling me that I have lovely, clear skin. I believe her. Upon close inspection, my pores aren’t clogged, and rare breakouts are relegated to a certain time of the month. Cocoon Apothecary has become the beauty product that I can’t go a day without.

Going Barefaced Confidently

With my devotion to green beauty, I have found better makeup. I regularly wear a light amount but, I’ll go barefaced if I want too. And I feel damn good about my skin when I do.

Disclosure: This is post is sponsored by Cocoon Apothecary as part of the #GMCBeauty campaign. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I’m a long time fan of Cocoon Apothecary beauty products.