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Green Moms Collective stories reflect on what living well in motherhood means to you-your perspective and the wisdom gained from the issues and experiences you’ve faced while being a mother.

Our Living Well in Motherhood stories are thought-provoking, reflective and sometimes humorous look at what in means to live well in motherhood as a woman, a partner, an entrepreneur or employee and most importantly as a human being. They are shared to connect us and help us know we’re not alone.

What we’re looking for:

  • original 500-1500 word stories with personality and anecdotes
  • relatable and emotionally compelling personal narratives
  • pieces that explore a viewpoint without relying on personal context including location
  • articles that do not shame or judge

Some examples of amazing Living Well In Motherhood Stories:


Are you a wellness expert?

Our contributing wellness experts include naturopathic doctors, birth doulas, teachers, nutritionists, a green engineer and more. They share their expertise with our mothers by writing experience-based and research-backed topics presented in easy-to-read, oftentimes conversational articles. Shine a light on your expertise by writing for Green Moms Collective on a regular basis or with a one-time piece.

Some great examples of expert articles:


Want to be featured in our Living Well In Motherhood interview series?

We’re always looking for more mothers to interview for this regular series. We want to connect with women who will inspire our readers to live well-perhaps you’ve been faced with many challenges in life (we get it!), or you’ve founded an amazing business, or you’ve got a neat perspective on life and motherhood. Let’s talk. Drop us a line telling us why you need to make our interview list.

Read fun interviews with moms who inspire us:

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