Motherhood Stole My Back Rubs

Motherhood Stole My Back RubsPre-kids my husband used to give me a massage almost every night.

I won’t pretend that is was less than awesome and yes, I felt spoiled. Sometimes, I complain to him, but massage and TV time have been replaced by chores like finding creative ways to pack a healthy litterless lunch. By the time we sit down together most evenings, massaging is not happening.

Now, I need to find ways to soothe myself when I feel achy. Motherhood and adulting, in general, is often exhausting. There is an awful lot of doing all day long. Little physical moments of self-care help refuel my body, my patience, and cope with stress.

After helping to care for my mom during her terminal illness, I started creating a wellness kit for myself. This is a collection of items which I use to support self-care and stress relief. Although I don’t reach for these items on a daily basis, the last thing I want to do when I need to care for myself is to add toxic chemicals to my already stressed body. Stress impacts our immune systems and increases inflammation in the body.  Each of these items is free from the toxic ten ingredients and have beneficial properties to support physical and mental relaxation.

My wellness kit includes:

  • A calming essential oil roll-on
  • A lavender room spray to soothe and encourage sleep
  • Organic tea made with kava kava which is great for anxiety and restlessness

Recently, Chorus Supernatural sent me their Soothe and Release creams to add to my self-care kit. These creams fall into the green light zone as they rate a ‘2’ on EWG’s Skin Deep website. Compared to many well-known natural brands, Chorus has the lowest (safest) average score on EWG. All expect  3 of their products fall into the low hazard zone, and those 3 still only rate a “3” out of a possible 10, with a score of 10 being the worst offender.

The Soothe cream is a joint balm contains devil’s claw and MSM that help sore joints by relieving inflammation. As a blogger, I sometimes experience pain in my wrists after long days on the computer. I’ve been reaching for this cream with it’s active ingredients to provide some relief.

The Chorus Supernatural Release cream is a muscle balm which contains evening primose oil, chamomile, and rosemary which reduces soreness from inflammation. I rub this into my neck and shoulders, the place where stress and tiredness build up on my body. The peppermint oil tingles and cools my skin providing immediate relief. It’s a pretty good substitute for a backrub although if my husband offered, I wouldn’t turn down the real thing.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Chorus Supernatural as part of the #GMCBeauty campaign. As always, I only share about products that I would bring into my own home. 

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