Cozy Family Traditions to Start This Winter

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Short days and colder nights usually bring the desire to feel cozy and cuddle up with the ones you love. Why not use this time of daylight savings and the upcoming winter chill to start new family traditions and welcome some Danish-style ‘hygge’ into your home.

Start These Family Traditions

Use these great ideas to get you started:

Family Mealtime

Spending time together around the dinner table has a positive impact on your kids and your family as a whole. Make this time a TV, cell phone and tablet free zone.

Start each meal by saying grace. Or, if you’re not religious, have everyone share something that they’re grateful for. Use this time to share both positive happenings of the day, interesting things you’re learning or reading, or news you’ve recently heard.

Family Hugs

Start each day with a family hug, and even a family cheer if you’d like, before you head out into the world. It will bring unity to your family and remind your kids how much they are loved.

My children like to start their school mornings with a big snuggle in our bed before leaping out to get ready for their day. I love this cozy tradition, it helps us all connect before going our separate ways.

Family Motto

Create a family motto together. Then say it together each day during hug time or when someone in the family really needs to hear it.

At my house, we love to say, ‘Be Kind’ and have a banner in our front hallway that we see before we leave. It reminds us all to be heart-centred in our actions.

Family Night at Home

Decide on a night that works for everyone in the family and declare it a “Family Fun Night”. Watch movies together, play games, cook dinner together, anything that you all enjoy doing. Let each family member take turns and be in charge of coming up with the family activity for the week.

We hold Friday evenings sacred during the winter; we bake our own pizza and cozy up in the family room for a picnic-style dinner and movie.

Weekend Breakfast

Start a weekend breakfast tradition of pancakes, waffles or warm cinnamon rolls. Whatever your family considers a breakfast treat (we can’t get enough of banana pancakes or scones). Then spend time together in your pajamas making breakfast and enjoying some time together around the table.

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Full Moon Walks

There is a full month once a month. Make this night a special family night outside. Whenever there is a full moon, take a walk outside to have a look at it. Get outside to experience the awe of nature at night. This is a great way for your kids to experience the glory that nature has to offer after dark.

Family Community Service Day

Designate one Saturday or Sunday every month to serving others. It could mean spending a morning at the homeless shelter or working in a community garden or building a house with Habitat for Humanity. Find a few charities that your family can feel passionate about it and volunteer your time and energy together for the greater good.

Begin A Read Aloud Time

Dark, cold evenings are the perfect setting for reading aloud from a book. Turn off screens after dinner, get everyone in their pyjamas and then gather to read from a chapter book. This is an opportunity to introduce your children to new genres or share your own favourite childhood novel.

Bake Together

Set aside an hour or two on Sunday afternoons to bake family recipes and then enjoy your treats. Make enough to send some for lunch with everyone in your family at least one day in the week. When they eat it, they’ll remember the time you spent in the kitchen!

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How will you bring more cozy traditions into your family?