How Baby Bottles Can Help Dad Bond With His Baby

baby bottle bonding

It so happened that in my new little family, we fell into traditional mom and dad roles. I’m mainly a stay-at-home mama, and my husband is the full-time breadwinner, and this arrangement suits us both just fine. While I adore that I get the lion’s share of the cuddles, giggles, smiles, and bonding with our boy, I do have a small nagging regret that my husband gets so much less. We both wish that he had more time with him other than just on weekends; days that often seem packed with our to-do list.

There are some evenings and weekends, that hubby gets to play primary parent while I go off to see some clients, or run errands alone (bliss!). As my little guy is exclusively breastfed at the moment, I have to rely on pumping breast milk for my husband to give to him while I’m gone.

These are golden moments – small, private, priceless opportunities for my husband to feed his son, and feel some of that precious bonding. The baby bottle may seem like such a mundane, every-day baby item, but for my husband, it’s the ticket to create the closeness he craves with his baby.

The baby bottles

The bottles that we rely on at home are the Philips Avent Natural and Anti-Colic baby bottles. It’s a trusted baby bottle brand with the PTPA Seal of Approval, and I already was a big fan of their manual breast pump. It was important to me that the baby would be able to latch on to the bottle as naturally as possible to avoid nipple-confusion, and the Avent bottles have these nice, wide, flexible nipples. Both bottle types are designed to reduce colic, though the Anti-Colic bottles were clinically proven to reduce it, so we like those for an evening feeding, if I’m not home to breastfeed, to avoid nighttime fussing.

The bonding

When my husband feeds our boy, I love that he incorporates skin-to-skin – both guys’ shirts fly off, and it melts my heart to see them snuggle with the bottle. He can look into his eyes, and coo, listen to him drink and just soak up every inch of him.

bonding with dad over baby bottles

The peace of mind

When I’m away for several hours with dad in charge, a good bottle to deliver my breast milk on demand gives me peace of mind. In the early, more anxious days when I had to leave my baby, I was so obsessed with how much he ate that my husband got a full-blown interrogation when I got home. Thank goodness for smartphones and wifi, because he can now track and share all sorts of feeding stats with me via the uGrow app before I even get home.

The shared experience

Just to underline how important those simple baby bottles can be to a family, I genuinely love it when I come home, and my husband has just started a feed. Knowing that he can care really well for my son when I’m not there is one thing, but actually being able to observe them together is extra special. My husband often tells me how much he loves to watch me breastfeed because he can witness the deep connection, and I finally discovered what he meant the first time I watched him bottle-feed our son.

So, a good quality baby bottle is not just another baby-related bit lying around your house – it’s the key to sharing with your partner the most profound of connections with your little human.

bonding with dad

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Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Philips Avent and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.