Making Room for Ethos in my Wardrobe

Making Room For Ethos In My WardrobeOver the last month or so I’ve been busy decluttering my home, in response to reading the highly motivational The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This project, which I’ve been sharing here on my personal blog and social media accounts, has brought me so much happiness and clarity in the short time I’ve been focussing on this process of simplifying my life.

To start my project off on the right foot, I created a vision board. The intent of this was to thoroughly visualize what I wanted my currently disorganized and mish-mash home and life to be. After making my vision board, I set out on the first step of this “recipe” to a tidy home and a life full of joy – decluttering my wardrobe. Going through each category of clothing, I held every item in my hands and choosing the keep only the ones that sparked joy in me – the ones that made me happy and content even by the mere look of them hanging in my closet.

By the time I was done going through each and every item, from tops to bottoms and every little piece under, over and in between, I had drastically changed how my closet and drawers looked, how I felt about them, and what they offered me to wear. Instead of the crazy conglomerate of style choices that I had allowed to take over my life, showing the world a me that was disorganized and lacking in any sort of consistent style and intent of person, I could now see a wardrobe that reflected the person and life I had intentionally visualized and set out to discover.

Building A Better Wardroom After KonMari Decluttering

Some of the guiding words I wrote out while making my vision board, that I wanted to become a solid part of my life and being, were natural, eco-conscious, and comfortable. When I was offered the opportunity to write a style review for Ungalli Clothing Co., I was thrilled to be introduced to this brand that fit so perfectly with my new focus on what I wanted to invite in my home and my life. Reading about the company and checking out the designs on their website, I couldn’t be more excited to place my order. This was exactly the kind of brand I wanted to work with, and the kind of clothing that sparked joy to welcome into my closet!

Ungalli Clothing Co. is a Canadian eco friendly clothing brand that uses 100% sustainable materials, all ethically produced in North America, to create their tasteful and trendy designs. They use a variety of different recycled and repurposed materials, such as recycled water bottles, recycled cotton, and scraps from cotton factory floors, and make a point of mentioning what their clothes used to be, which I find really interesting. Ungalli’s mission is to help people realize the negative impacts brought on by many traditional clothing companies, where the planet and workers suffer from the ways in which clothing is made. Instead of being yet another greenwashing company, which tags onto eco-friendly initiatives and projects themselves to be a “green” brand, yet produces their products in a way that is damaging to the environment, Ungalli is showing the world that it is possible to make stylish and comfortable clothes while protecting the environment and workers from negative impacts (like harsh chemical processes) and unnecessary waste.

Looking through the online catalogue, there were several different styles that caught my eye. These are the three I chose and received to review for you here.

Ungalli Women’s Blue Long-Sleeve

The intensely blue colour of this long-sleeve shirt is what caught my attention straight away. When I received it, I was thrilled that, not only was it just as blue as in the photo, but it was also oh-so-comfortable. Somehow it is both lightweight and cool but also keeps me warm on these chilly fall mornings and evenings. I love the length of the shirt, and the simple white logos on the front and the back. Since a big part of buying this brand is supporting the ethos and sustainability, it’s nice to see it reflected on the top for others to take notice of.

Declutter My Wardrobe For Ethos

This shirt is made from 50% recycled plastic bottles and 50% recycled cotton, saving 10 plastic bottles from winding up in a landfill. It is made to save 712 gallons of water, ½ gallon of petroleum, ½ gallon of carbon dioxide, and 3 oz. of chemicals.

Ungalli Recycled X-Ray Film Cropped Tee

Cropped tops are something I came to find useful when breastfeeding my new baby. Not only could I look stylish, but by throwing one of these tops on over a tank, I could feel more comfortable nursing anywhere and everywhere with the crop top acting as a casual and light cover. Now that nursing is coming to an end, I’m still enjoying this style of top. Forgoing the tank top beneath and donning a high-waisted pant that have come back in style, this simple and lightweight top felt freeing after two years of keeping my midsection hidden away.

Ethos In My Wardrobe After A KonMari DeCluttering

Using 65% recycled x-ray film and 35% recycled cotton to make this top, it saves approximately 10 used x-ray films – which are recycled into polyester – from being added to our landfills. I love that the colour of the clothing is derived from the x-ray film, rather than using traditional textile dyeing processes, eliminating toxic dyes while saving water and energy.

The Recycled Beer Bottle Zip Up

I have so much good to say about this sweater! I just adore the natural hue of the brown, and how it can be paired with so many of my other garments. The size small I received seemed a tad bit baggy on me when I tried it on but throwing it in the dryer after its welcome-to-my-wardrobe wash let it shrink ever so slightly to exactly the size I was hoping for. I’m loving the length of this lightweight hoodie, and the UNGALLI printed down the back side of it is a very appealing touch.

Decluttering My Wardrobe For Better  Options

What goes into it? 65% recycled polyester and 35% recycled cotton, saving 17 litres of water during production and approximately 10 brown plastic beer or root beer bottles from hitting the landfill. Brown bottles are recycled into polyester and, like the other pieces, instead of using traditional textile dyeing processes, the colour of the garment is derived from the brown bottle. Not only are the toxic dyes eliminated from the process not wasting water and energy and going into our planet, but I don’t have to worry about them sitting against my skin as I flounce around in my new favourite zip up.

Decluttering my wardrobe KonMari  style

We make choices every day to support brands and practices that have the power to impact our world in negative and positive ways. Let’s make them consciously and choose to stand for positive change. Thankfully, with companies like Ungalli stepping up to the plate, we can have our proverbial cake, and wear it, too.

If you want to add some sustainable style into your closet, Ungalli has offered Green Moms Collective readers a  15% off with promo code GREENMOMS1 – valid from December 4 – December 13.