Ditch plastic microbeads: 8 Natural Exfoliants To Try Instead

8 beauty brands with natural scrubs


Microbeads are gaining the notoriety that BPA plastic did a few years ago and with good reason.

These tiny plastic beads absorb toxins and slip past wastewater facilities into our lakes. Our fish friends are tricked into thinking they are food, damaging their health and our ecosystems.

It’s time to change up your beloved scrubbing routine for something healthier for our planet. Switching to a natural microbead alternative is a simple swap you can make that will help our environment and keep your skin naturally beautiful.

If you’re ready to ban plastic microbeads from your skin, scroll through this list to see which one, or two, or three of these Canadian natural skin care brands you want to try. Help protect our fishy friends!

Eight Natural Exfoliants To Try Right Now


I’d be withholding the truth if didn’t admit to opening up this sugar scrub daily and taking a big sniff. It smells decadent. There are eight scents to choose from and an unscented option. A swipe of this natural exfoliator goes a long way for a gentle daily shower scrub.

GROUND ALMONDS: Ella’s Botanicals Beauty Bars
I go nuts over about the exfoliating powers of ground almonds in Ella’s Botanicals Go Nuts! beauty bar which contains finely grounded almonds, cassia, Himalayan cedar and orange oils. Her soaps are always so gentle on sensitive skin and made in my hometown of Toronto.
ORGANIC OATS, FLAX SEED AND CLAY: Anointment Herbal Clay Cleanser

These fine grain powders are cropping up more and more. This exfoliator is a lightweight, almost baby-powder like substance.  I love how I can change the consistency of the paste by adding more or less water or create a mask with honey.

JOJOBA BEADS: Pure+Simple Skin Nourishing Exfoliant and Face+Mask

Lemony fresh, this once-a-week mask is suitable for vegans! Lemon and algae extract promote circulation for dull and mature skin while the jojoba beads will decongest pores.

CLAY, BAMBOO POWDER AND SUGAR: Rocky Mountain Soap Company Face Polish

This fine sugar scrub combines with bamboo powder for a refreshing,  tingling duo to slough off dead skin cells. The tea tree oil and eucalyptus give it a fresh scent to perk you up in the morning or after a long day at work.



JOJOBA BEADS: Cocoon Apothecary Petal Purity Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

You’ll feel summery all year-long with the addition of certified lavender and geranium oils while the amber glass bottle adds a sense of luxury to your beauty routine. The jojoba beads are gentle enough to use for a daily face exfoliation that will leave your skin feeling super soft.

charcoal sponge for exfoliating
BAMBOO CHARCOAL SPONGES: Graydon Clinical Luxury by Nature

Wet sponge and it will soften. Add your favourite cleanser, to softly clean every inch of your skin. Wash them out and use over and over again.

LAVENDER, LENTILS, OATS AND GREEN TEA: Province Apothecary Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator

In addition to gently scrubbing away dead cells, the lavender and oats soothe and nourish sensitive skin. Powdered scrubs are easy to pack for travelling. Province Apothecary’s exfoliator is biodegradable making it a great addition for outdoor trips! Now there’s no need to abandon your skin routine while camping or cottaging.

Which is the first natural exfoliator you want to add to your beauty routine?