DIY Fabric Intention Banner

DIY Banner Tutorial

This DIY banner has me feeling so excited about my intention. Every year I choose a word or phrase that I come back to when making decisions. I felt inspired to create a minimal-looking DIY banner for my office that would help keep me focused on my intention.

Do you also love to pick a word or phrase for the new year? An intention that will help you stay mindful of the life you want to live?

How To Make A Banner

This is a no-sew DIY banner that is pretty simple and can be done in an hour or so.

When I first decided I wanted to try a fabric banner DIY, I was trying to think of a way to avoid cutting out letters. Honestly, even though I’ve been an elementary teacher for over 12 years and I’ve cut piles and piles of letters, it’s something I really dislike.

I experimented with letter stamps and paint but neither had the effect I wanted. So, I decided to go for it and try to stay cool about the fact that the felt letters on my banner would not be perfect. And I’m so glad I did, the words seem to pack more oomph this way.

Simple banner DIY tutorial
As you can see above, I made two intention banners. I was full of indecision when it came to my year’s intention. Ever since I saw these pendants, I was reminded how much I love the phrase, Stay Gold, a reference to Robert Frost’s poem in The Outsiders novel. The idea of staying true to one’s self even as life changes really resonates with me. But…I also love the simplicity of Thrive. It feels like it really sums up my desire to flourish in my family life, health, and business.

Banner DIY fabric

Let’s get started crafting, shall we?

DIY Banner Supplies:

  • canvas fabric
  • peel and stick tape
  • peel and stick felt
  • dowel rods (or a stick!)
  • twine
  • ruler, pencil, scissors, Exacto knife

Fabric Banner DIY supplies

I used sticky felt and it was such a great choice! Unlike regular felt, it is firm and easy to cut with scissors and an Exacto knife. The great thing about the felt was that I could easily remove it from the fabric and reposition in when I discovered the letters were slanted.

I can’t ever draw a straight line so I used a ruler to help me place the letters. The simplest way to cut out the letters is to type them out in Canva (you could use also Word or Google Docs) and print it out.

No sew DIY banner template

Glue the word backward onto the peel side of the felt.

No-sew DIY fabric banner template

I then cut out the letters. It’s easiest to see the outline in a sunny room or under a good light.

DIY Fabric Word Banner

The pieces of tape around the R help me keep a steady hand when using an Exacto knife. It’s my little hack to cut out tricky letters.

DIY pennant tutorial

Once your letters are cut out, the trickiest part of this whole craft is over. The next step is to measure and cut the fabric. You’ll need a pencil and a ruler. I’m going to walk you through the Stay Gold banner which was a tiny bit longer than the Thrive banner, although they were both the same width.

I measured 30 centimeters for the width and then 34 centimeters for the length and drew a rectangle on the canvas. Then I drew two lines vertically that were approximately 3 cm inside from the width. I drew the point of the banner in the middle of the outside width, 15 centimeters. Then measured from the point diagonally up to the inside vertical line, 19 centimeters.

Instructions fabric banner DIY

The inside pencil lines become the spot where you fold the fabric. After some experimenting, I found it was easiest to fold the fabric from the bottom to top. I placed the peel and stick fabric tape in the middle of the pointy part of the banner to help it stick together. I love this tape because if you make a mistake, it easily peels open without ruining the fabric! It’s the perfect beginner’s crafting tape.

Fabric DIY Banner Tutorial

To make sure the pointy part of this banner isn’t lopsided and looks like a DIY banner in a sloppy way, it’s a good idea to measure the sides.

Thrive Fabric Banner DIY

Use the vertical lines as a guide for where to fold the fabric. Place the peel and stick tape along the vertical lines so when you fold the fabric, it holds in place. Repeat this for both sides.

Fabric pennant DIY banner

Along the top width of your fabric banner, place peel and stick tape.

fabric banner DIY

You will need to figure out how much space you need to allow to fit in your dowel or piece of wood. I folded my fabric about two inches down and could have fit a much larger dowel or stick.

DIY banner pennant tutorial

Use twine or yarn to tie a double knot on either side of your banner. Hang up and be inspired!

The Stay Gold banner has a pointy end and the Thrive one is flat. If you want your banner to be flat it’s easy enough to do. Just put some peel and stick tape on the fabric and fold up the end. This works really well if you find your end is fraying a bit.

Are you wondering which DIY banner I’ve chosen to display as my Intention? I’ve chosen both! Here’s hoping it will help me be mindful of being true and staying focused on the good. What is your Intention for the year?

Banner DIY tutorial intention

Let me know if you have any questions! Happy crafting!