How To Eco Clean Your Child’s Room

eco clean your child's bedroom

The bedroom is supposed to be a safe haven to rest and rejuvenate from the day which is why it’s so important to eco clean the space.

After all, from birth through five years, children require over 11 hours of sleep a day to support their mental and physical development.¹ With all that sleeping, we want their bedrooms to be a healthy space.

A child’s nursery can contain up to 300 chemicals, compared to just two outside their window.² The number is alarming but there’s a lot you can do to minimize the chemicals making their way into your children’s bedrooms, potentially contributing to poor air quality.

Beyond opening bedroom windows on a daily basis, cleaning with safe and effective plant-based products is a simple way to keep toxic chemicals from building up in your child’s room.

5 Easy Swaps To Eco Clean Your Child’s Room

Swap a disinfectant for a plant-based product

A dirty change table area is an easy way to spread germs. Replace the changing pad frequently, especially if soiled.

Rather than using a conventional disinfectant, spray the entire area with Dapple’s Naturally Clean Nursery several times a week. Even though Dapple is made with plant-based items, I recommend opening the window when spraying any cleaner in your child’s sleep space.

Environmental Defence found out that even when you are cleaning with eco-friendly products, you must open the windows to prevent VOCS from building up in the air.

Switch dust sprays for  microfibre

Swap out dusting products with microfibre cloths. They are a “grippy” material which can pick up dust and dirt with or without water. Each week, wipe furniture, all surfaces, baseboards, and fans. Dust mites can be a problem in the bedroom as they thrive on dead skin cells and their excrement can trigger allergic reactions.

Replace your bleach with a better choice

Pee happens in a child’s room. If left too long, the ammonia settles into fibres, lingering long after the items have been washed.

For an ultimate eco-friendly deep clean, swap The Laundry Tarts Strip It for chlorine bleach. It will remove built up residues from stinky cloth diapers, and urine-soaked bedding due to potty training.

eco clean baby's nursery

Choose a natural deodorizer over an artificial air freshener

Whether you diaper with cloth diapers or disposable diapers, sprinkle a bit of the Laundry Tarts Scented Deodorizing Powder  into your diaper pail or wet bag to minimize any diaper odours.

There are a few scent options and unlike conventional deodorizers, these delish-smelling scents are made up of phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils.

Replace your usual cleaners with castile soap

Dr. Bronners unscented Castile soap is a non-toxic substitute for a variety of cleaners.

Castile soap is considered a pure soap, made without the preservatives and additives of other soap types. It’s also the key ingredient in many do-it-yourself green cleaning recipes. My favourite ways: Mix 4 parts baking soda to 1 part castile soap for an all-purpose scrub or 4 parts warm water to 1/4 part castile soap for an all-over spray.

Be Prepared To Clean Green

I prefer to order my cleaning items all at once to avoid last-minute toxic substitutions. terra20’s CleanStart program makes is easy to get your eco-cleaning products in one place. It’s a free savings program for parents with children 0-5 to make it easier to shop for you and your babe.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by terra20. As a mom to two boys, 5 and 3, I use their CleanStart program myself! All opinions are my own.


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² ABC News


  • Diane Hoffmaster (@turningclockbac) says:

    I remember when my kids were young just how dirty those little buggers really are! Now as teens what I need most is all natural air fresheners!

    • Sara Vartanian says:

      I can’t recommend The Mist by Clinical Luxury enough for a natural air freshener/sanitizer! It’s my go to for stinky stuff and dirty hands!