Four Truths About Eco Diapers

Eco-Diapers As An Alternative To Cloth DIapering

Diapering has not come easy to me. Twelve  years ago when my first child was born premature, he spent his first 4 months in hospital. Disposables became second nature.  They were something I could throw in the cart while shopping, and then toss out without a thought.

Honestly, we had more pressing things to think about than our diapering choices.

When our second baby came along, a girl, the chemical smell from the conventional disposables brought with them an emotional rollercoaster. The smell took me back to long months in the hospital.

I was unsuccessfully cloth diapering her when I discovered Seventh Generation eco-disposables. The fact that they had no chemical scent was enough to get me hooked. The added benefits of being a chlorine free, PVC-free, petroleum-free, and produced by a company interested in helping out the planet relieved my eco-anxieties about using “sposies”.

Next confession… cloth diapers terrify me. There are so many brands, and styles. There are so many different ways to launder and soaps to wash them.  I find cloth diapering  a little overwhelming.  I’m crafty, so I tried making my own but it’s best not to get me started on these failed attempts. Even though I find cloth diapering challenging, I do it, just not full-time.

To complement my cloth diaper routine I’ve continued to use eco disposables with our third child. Mostly at nighttime or when we are out of the house for more than 4 hours. I like reaching for something easy to use.

Eco-Diapers are disposables free from super toxic chemicals

I’ve already mentioned that I like how Seventh Generation is fragrance-free, so when I was asked to try them out “officially” I was excited because I know four things to be true about this diapering brand:

Four Truths About Eco Diapers

Eco Diapers Work As Well As Conventional Brands

I packed eco-disposables in my hospital bag, and shared with another mom in the room who was curious about eco-diapers.  She was concerned they would not work as well as conventional diaper brands. They do. Seventh Generation uses unbleached wood pulp inside, along with sodium polyacrylate-the same gel-like filling found inside most disposables diapers-green or otherwise.

Eco diapers Are Easy To Find

My parents found Seventh Generation natural disposables at their local grocery store. They keep a package of diapers and wipes at their house for when we visit. It’s nice when the grandparents can find diapers you’re comfortable using. In Toronto, they are often in the natural section of chain grocery stores.  My favourite grocery store has them right in the baby aisle.

Eco Diapers Are Affordable

I know concern about cost can be a deterring factor against using eco disposables but I’ve found that they are on sale just as often as the conventional brands. When you’re supplementing your cloth diapering, the cost is even more affordable.  You can save more if you buy online from a place like

Eco Diapers Are Convenient

Let me be honest, getting three active kids, at three very different stages, out the door to baseball three nights a week is enough of a challenge for me these days. A big benefit of eco disposables is that they make my life easier. Plus, many of the ball diamonds we visit are lacking in the bathroom department.  Add in weekend ball tournaments, and diaper changes on the baby often happen in the car or out on the grass. When he pees in a diaper, being able to toss it out while on the go is a minor luxury. When you’re at home,   you can do a few simple things to reduce the environmental impact of disposables diapers.

Eco-diapers For On The Go Convenience

As a parent, some days you just need to make life as easy as possible. If that means reaching for a natural disposable diaper, then go for it.  I know for myself, choosing eco disposables has helped alleviate my diapering woes.

Disclosure: Seventh Generation sent me a package of their products to try, including eco-disposable diapers. All photos, opinions, and experiences are my own.