Why You Should Choose Eco Disposable Diapers

How to choose natural disposable diapers

Almost gone are the days when eco disposables were only available at alternative stores. These diapers are increasing being stocked on the shelves of  major stores, making them an easy option for families looking to add more green practices into their lives.

Natural disposables usually carry a higher price tag but are these diapers worth their extra costs? It depends.

All green disposable diapers contain chlorine-free wood pulp and many of them also contain at least some SAP, the ingredient that usually makes families begin looking for disposable diapering alternatives. But according to Adria Vasil, Ecoholic Body (pg. 379), even conventional disposables have dropped their nasty elemental chlorine habit and are using alternatives.

I recommend being a diligent consumer by reading the labels and doing your research before deciding which eco-disposable diapers you’ll spend your bucks on. Look for the eco-brands that have qualities that stand out like GMO free (partially), FSC-certified, renewable content, and compostable/biodegradable. I highly recommend you check out the Queen of Green’s chart that examines the eco claims of a variety of eco-friendlier disposable diapers.

7 Reasons Eco Disposable Diapers Are Right For You

  1. You do not have access to a washer and dryer
  2. You are not concerned about the long-term cost of  buying diapers
  3. Convenience is important to you
  4. Your partner is reluctant to explore other diapering options
  5. There are limited water resources in your area
  6. You like the idea of a “better” disposable diaper
  7. You are not concerned about the long-term cost of  buying diapers

Reasons to choose natural disposable diapers

If you’re choosing the natural disposable route, decide how you will dispose and store these diapers. Common choices include a Diaper Genie, diaper pail, trash can, and plastic bags. Some cities like Toronto, welcome disposable diapers into the compost bins. It may come as a surprise but just like cloth diapers, all messes should be tossed in the toilet to keep poop out of our landfills.

Plan to watch flyers for sales and stock up as the cost of eco disposable diapers can quickly add up.

If the idea of adding to the mounds of disposable diapering waste breaks your eco-friendly heart check out these steps to lessen the impact of your diapering decision.