Eco-Friendly Baby Essentials


Green Baby Gear Essentials

Shopping for newborn essentials can feel overwhelming as you try to navigate changing information to choose safe, non-toxic baby gear that you actually need for your baby. When my oldest son was born, I went through a huge range of emotions as I discovered many of the items I had chosen for him were not the healthiest. I spent a lot of time researching(hmmm…stressing) about toxins and sustainability during the first six months of my son’s life.

One of the reasons I love terra20’s Clean Start program is that it makes shopping decisions easier for parents with children 0-5. Every item in their store is transparently coded to reflect their green standards. I wish it had been available when I was pregnant, but now it’s my first stop when shopping for my family.

You can choose your baby gear essentials from terra20 knowing that they’ve got your back! Here are five items that every baby needs in their first few weeks and beyond:

An organic swaddle: Aden and Anais Easy Swaddle. Babies spend a lot of time sleeping, even if it may not be in the three-hour stretches you want. Organic sleepwear is a must to avoid formaldehyde, flame retardants or pesticides found in conventional materials. In the first few months, I liked using swaddles with my boys because the recreated the coziness of the womb while still having room for their legs and hips to move. Also, the Aden and Anais swaddles’ are just so easy to use with their snap closures!

Eco-friendly diapers: There are many ways you can make diapering your baby less harmful to the environment and to their most sensitive body parts. Consider using Delora eco-disposable diapers and/or Canadian Applecheeks cloth diapers. An upside of cloth diapering is a strong community of moms and resources available to help you learn to cloth diaper your baby.

Baby wipes:  You’ll be using these items every single day your baby is in diapers. If you’re going to cloth diaper your baby then buying reusable wipes makes a lot of sense, just throw them in the wash with your diapers. I recommend starting with a stash of about 20-30 cloth wipes to see you through laundry days. If you decide to use disposable wipes then consider Natracare organic cotton wipes which are compostable and free from toxins like SLS and parabens.

Diaper cream: Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Bottom Balm is cloth diaper safe cream (meaning it won’t coat your diapers and stop them from absorbing) made with organic herbs that can handle all the rashes that will come your baby’s way the first few weeks. Even better, it rates a zero on EWG’s skin deep website. Bottom balm is a staple part of my family’s first aid!

Bedding: Whether you’re planning to co-sleep, room share, or put your baby into a crib, choosing healthy bedding is a must to keep toxins out of their sleep space. Look first for organic bedding like this glo Crib Fitted Sheet or a glo organic Crib Mattress Pad to keep your bed and baby protected.

Of course, there are other items that your newborn baby will need but these five eco-friendly baby essentials are nice to choose yourself. You can feel confident that these products that spend so many hours with your baby are free from scary toxins and are better environmental choices too!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by terra20. As a mom to two boys, 5 and 3, I use their CleanStart program myself! All opinions are my own.