Eco-Travel Tips For Moms With Young Children

 eco travel tips for families with young children

Travelling with young children is a fantastic way to raise them to appreciate the environment. Experiences create memories and connections to the world. Start modelling how to have an environmentally responsible trip from home by making eco-friendly trip preparations.

Here are my starter tips for travelling green with young children:

Pack Better

The lighter your luggage, the lighter your travel carbon footprint. Do yourselves and our planet a favour mamas, leave most of the baby gear at home. Minimize the gear by choosing only the basic necessities or use one of the baby gear rental companies that are cropping up in cities around the world. Pack items that can do double duty like a bath and hair wash that the whole family can use and clothes that hold up to multiple wears.  Bring reusable water bottles and snack containers for on-the-go. Your family will dispose of less trash and you’ll save money by buying less!

Safely Sun-Kissed

Babies under 6 months are still developing melanin, the skin’s colour pigment and a natural absorber of UV rays. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight rather keep your baby protected under umbrellas, light long sleeve clothing, and avoid the strongest sun of the day. Beyond 6 months, you’ll want to be to choose a safer sunscreen using Dr. Jenny Yukht’s tips for safer sunscreen. I’m a fan of the cream sunscreen versions of Green Beaver and Badger.

Play In The Pool: Get A Reusable Swim Diaper

Many public pools including those in hotels and resorts require that children who are not potty trained wear swim diapers to protect the pool from a messy shut down. Don’t get stuck dockside with your baby. Bring a reusable swim diaper to contain messes and enjoy water play. They are usually equal to the cost of one pack of throwaway swimmers yet fit for six months or until baby outgrows them. Bonus: Swim diapers fold up super small in your suitcase!