How To Layer Your Beauty Products For Hydrated Skin

Fall Skin Care Routine


Moving into our new-to-us log home has meant some serious downsizing. The master bedroom had no room for our dressers and we’ve been dressing out of laundry baskets for over a month. Our new closet was built just in time to hang up my cozy sweaters and long sleeves and pack away my summer gear. I’m sad to say goodbye to tank tops and Birkenstocks, but I do love wrapping myself up in a cardigan. It’s the socially acceptable way of wearing a blanket around all day long!

Did you know that our skincare routine needs to be switched over much like our wardrobes do as the season changes? This is especially true in climates like Canada where we experience all the seasons. Dry indoor heat and cold weather are not the friends of a hydrated face. These conditions often leave our skin with dry and/or red patches, parched, and just generally in need of some tender care.

In the summer, I mix a dab on moisturizing cream with my daily sunscreen and use the same moisturizer at night. My beauty products are light and few like my clothing. But once the fireplaces are turned on and cozy wool blankets are a nighttime prerequisite, my skin’s needs change.

Here’s my updated fall moisturizing routine, the order is key for maximum hydration.

1.  The first step in my fall skin care routine is water. I drink even more infused water in the winter than I do in the summer. Hydration needs to begin on the inside out so I also brew a pot of organic herbal tea and sip on it while I work.

2. A facial serum for a nighttime moisture boost. I’m loving Pure + Simple’s Hydration Serum. Oftentimes once I turn the heat on in the house, I wake up with parched skin.  Since I started layering this serum under my nighttime moisturizer, my face feels super soft when I wake up. The better hydration makes my skin look dewy, which means more youthful than I usually do when the cold weather hits. Serum’s contain active ingredients to treat your skin’s concerns (like the aloe and Vitamin F in mine for softening and redness).

Four Steps To Hydrated Fall Skin

3. A moisturizer twice a day. I apply Pure + Simple’s Beautiful Skin Face Cream morning and night. A moisturizing cream, like the serum, is designed to deeply penetrate the skin which is why choosing a product that is free from the toxic-ten ingredients is a preventative measure for your overall health. Moisturizers need to be applied after a serum to seal it in or before a facial oil.

4. A facial oil to protect my skin from the outdoors. I use a pump of Pure + Simple’s Beautiful Skin Face Oil after my moisturizer when I know I’ll be spending hours outdoors playing with my two boys. My skin is very sensitive and the wind and cold weather often leave me with dry, red patches. Facial oils help to protect moisture from leaving your skin. If you’re worried about using oil on your face, then read this. A word of caution: you’ll need to experiment with finding the perfect amount of oil to apply to your face without feeling greasy.

Facial products go on from lightest to heaviest.

After taking the time to follow these four steps for hydrated skin don’t forget about your neck. If you neglect to moisturize it then it won’t have the same appearance of your face.

Four Steps To Hydrate Your Skin

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Pure + Simple as part of the #GMCBeauty campaign.