Father’s Day Gifts That Might Save The Planet

Father's Day Green Gift Ideas For The Canadian Dad

Celebrations can by one of the challenging times when trying to live a greener lifestyle but it’s also the perfect time to find eco-friendly alternatives to something your husband, or own father would love. This list includes gifts that are better for the planet and the person. Sourcing out a different option for an item the man you’re celebrating needs or wants, makes these gifts extra special.

Ecofriendly Father's Day Gifts

Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Beard Oil by Anointment: Vegan and gluten-free this beard oil moisturizes the beard in your man’s life. Trust me, I bought this for my bearded hubby and it banished the dry skin he gets under his beard.

2. Handcrafted Brush & Razors from The Copper Hat: Perfect for the guy who wants to try the “old school” method of wet shaving. Many of the brushes are handcrafted from maple, or other pieces of wood in Victoria, BC.

3. Eau Pour Garçons from Clinical Luxury: Banish stinky hockey bags, gym bags, and body odour with this blend of botanical oils. My hubby likes to spray it on his stinky summer sandals!

4. Chant Portable Audio System from terra20: This House of Marley portable stereo is perfect for dads who love to listen to music while BBQing, hanging at the dock, or chilling in the backyard while playing with the kids. It’s made with bamboo and recycled plastic and includes a built-in rechargeable battery.

5. Recycled Men’s Beer Bottle Zip Up from Ungalli: Lightweight for summer nights this zip up sweater gets its colour from recycled beer bottles. Honestly, I think that’s just plain cool.

Or consider picking up a bottle of Organic Wheat Whiskey from Toronto Distillery Co. in Toronto’s Junction area or at a LCBO. I made some boozy organic ice pops with this whiskey. The recipe is so easy to whip up for a Father’s Day treat for your partner (or you)!