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Nature Buzz: What's All The Fuss About For Kids Playing Outdoors

There’s a lot of buzz these days about the importance of getting kids outside.

In a fast-paced, modern and technological world it can be hard to maintain balance.  With increasing frequency, we are displacing an essential component of child development, spending time outdoors and in nature, with technological alternatives.  For some, this is a welcomed change because of a personal distaste for particular weather patterns whether those be rain, heat, cold, snow etc.  We all have our favoured weather days and some we could do without.  This too is the beauty of nature, it provides a little of something for everyone.

Treadmills and electronic games that promote active lifestyles are replacing activities that could otherwise be enjoyed outside.  So what’s the problem?  Activity by any other name is still activity right?  The short answer is no.

Outside Is Our Best Side

The broad answer is that spending time outside makes us all better people.  In a world where we are striving to do the best for our children, one of the solutions is within our grasp, doesn’t cost a penny and has proven to be a positive component of child development.  Children who spend time playing outdoors benefit on social, emotional, physical, and intellectual levels.  Our world is changing at a pace we can hardly comprehend and at a rate that makes parenting increasingly challenging.  Spending time outdoors provides us with a medium for creating stability and giving children essential life skills for succeeding in this turbulent environment.

I’m excited to share my passion for getting kids outdoors and interacting with nature with you.  Through this journey, I hope to excite in some of you childhood memories of playing outside that you want to share with your children.  For others, my goal is to disseminate some of the fears and stigmas associated with outdoor play.  And for others, it is to give more tools for your bag of tricks and ideas to keep outdoor play engaging and fun.  Above all my goal is to get more children outside and enjoying the time they spend outdoors.

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  • Sara Vartanian says:

    Thanks for sharing your passion with us. I believe so much that outdoor play is essential to childhood development. I watch my boys exploring, digging, and entertaining themselves for hours outdoors and their enthusiasm makes me see things with fresh eyes.